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Open Food Facts covers thousands of labels. This page is the beginning of a documentation related to these labels. If you have knowledge about a label, don't hesitate to create a dedicated page and an entry here.

Labels can be related to many types. We list below some of these types, with few examples.

By default, Open Food Facts can manage any kind of label if it's on the food packaging.


Science based rating labels computed by Open Food Facts

Rating labels


Quality standards

  • en:ISO 9001
  • en:ISO 22000
  • en:EAC, Eurasian Conformity
  • [...]


There are thousands of labels dealing with the origins. We list here a few examples:

  • en:raised in ... (Scotland, Norway, Ireland, etc.)
  • en:Made in ...
  • en:French eggs
  • ...

Generally, origins labels are precisely defined by local regulations. Example:

Product content

  • en:Omega-3
  • en:High fibres, high fibers, Rich in fiber
  • en:Source of iron
  • en:Vitamin C source
  • [thousands]
  • [...]


  • en:Carbon compensated product, carbon neutral
  • en:FSC, Forest Stewardship Council
  • [...]


  • en:Fair trade
  • en:Max Havelaar
  • ...


  • en:World Beer Awards
  • ...

Religious labels

  • en:Kosher
  • ...

Labels in Open Food Facts

Open Food Facts has a dedicated taxonomy for the labels. You can add anything if it makes sense as a label: Open Food facts will keep it, but it's better to add it to the label taxonomy:

  • next users will be able to choose this label, thanks to the autocompletion, without making mistakes
  • it allows to add a picture of the label
  • it allows to make link with the corresponding wikidata category
  • etc.

To add a label in the taxonomy, see the dedicated page.