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The Keyhole is a food label that identifies healthier food products within a product group. [...] The Swedish National Food Agency has registered the Keyhole as a trademark and the labelling system is enforced through a regulation.[1].


The following countries are part of the project:

  • the Nordic Working Group:
    • Sweden (1989), Norway (2009), Denmark (2009), Iceland (2013).
  • Other countries:
    • Lithuania (2013)
    • Macedonia (2015)


The label is voluntary, independent, with no fees or charges.

It is taking into account:

  • Less fat, Healthier fat (max S-fat, max industrial trans fat), less sugar, less salt, more fibre and wholegrain, and more fruits and vegetables
  • Exclusion of: sweeteners (food additives), novel foods with sweetening properties, phytosterols/phytostanols or their esters.

It does not concern baby foods (up to 36 months).

It divides food into 33 categories.

The Keyhole in Open Food Facts database

The Keyhole is in the label taxonomy. We can identify 100 products as of 2021-02-02.

  • 267 products as of 2021-02-22.
  • 290 products as of 2021-05-31.

The Keyhole detected by Robotoff

Here we can find two examples where Robotoff has detected the Keyhole logo:



  1. The Keyhole, by Swedish Food Agency