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Open Food Facts website provides a complete page related to Nutri-Score. This page adds some documentation about it.

FAQ about Nutri-Score

Q: why is Nutri-Score is not calculated for this product?

A: There are many cases:

  • some products are excluded from the Nutri-Score computation, such as baby food, coffee, tea, etc.
  • the product is not categorised: Nutri-Score computation is based on categories; no category, no Nutri-Score
  • the product needs ALL these data to be calculated: energy, fat and saturated fat, carbohydrates and sugar, proteins and salt. Sometimes the producer doesn't print these data because there are only traces. For example, many syrups don't print anything about fats, proteins and salt.
  • some products need values for the prepared product: syrups, teas, coffees, ...

Predictable Nutri-Score based on the category of the product

Some food categories share the same nutrients values. In this case, the Nutri-Score of the whole category is predictable. This is interesting to verify data quality.


  • Olive oils => C; [we need to check if it is certain not to have a product called olive oil with other kind of ingredients than raw olive oils]
  • Waters??
  • Fruits??
  • Orange juices??, etc. but not Fruits' juices
  • Vegetables??
  • Cereals??
  • Sugars??
  • Butters??
  • ...


Nutri-Score and Nova

Max Bredow has analysed that Nutri-Score and Nova seem correlated:

Fun facts about NOVA & #nutriscore - while they measure completely differenct aspects, their values do correlate.

33% of NutriScore A...
61% of NutriScore B...
66% of NutriScore C...
68% of NutriScore D...
78% of NutriScore E...

... products belong to the worst NOVA Group (4)In more detail, non-ultra-high-processed products (NOVA 1-3; green circle) are lower in saturated fat & sugar and higher in fibre & protein than ultra-high-processed products (NOVA 4). There doesn't seem to be much difference in sodium.[Information from CSV from OFF taken today, filtered for products that have data points for NutriScore, NOVA & Fibre]


Roadmap and Bugs related to Nutri-Score

Data quality missions around the Nutri-Score