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Nutrition values issues

Open Food Facts identifies some issues related to nutrition values. Some of them are very easy to solve:

Nutri-Score quality

Some products now have Nutri-Score printed on the front of pack. Some differs from our Nutri-Score calculation. We should take care about that:

There are many reasons why it can differ:

  • the label in Open Food Facts does not represent the label printed on the package (easy to solve)
  • the label is correct, but our calculation doesn't provide the same result:
    • check the category,
    • then check the nutrition facts: the issue is sometimes the lack of "fibers" information or the lack of "Fruits, vegetables, nuts and rapeseed, walnut and olive oils" percentage.
  • it can be a software issue (quite rare but possible).
Issue Rationale How to fix
The Nutri-Score displayed by the producer is different from the Nutri-Score Open Food Facts computes The label in Open Food Facts does not represent the label printed on the package Change the label
idem The category is wrong Change the category and see if it's modifying the Nutri-Score
idem The nutrition facts are wrong

Cleaning up the consequences of an old Android bug

The word "Loading…" replaced the correct product name. 99% of phones have been updated with the fix, but we still have some unfixed products.

Non-Food Products

Some people are adding products which are not food: beauty products, books, pet food, etc. These products have to be moved to Open Food Facts side projects. Our AI (artificial intelligence) already identifies many cases. These cases are published in the #bot-image-alerts channel on our slack space.

How to move these products?

  • identify a product in the #bot-image-alerts channel
  • clic on the link after "edit:"
  • if you have the rights to so, you will see "If the barcode is not correct, please correct it here"
    • enter "obf" to move beauty products to Open Beauty Facts
    • enter "opff" to move products to Open Pet Food Facts
    • enter "opf" to move products to Open Product Facts
  • save (if "A product already exists with the new code" message appear, move it manually, and delete it)
  • in #bot-image-alerts channel, annotate the product with a "checked" icon to tell others that the product has been moved