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Products with several byproducts

Several lists of ingredients and several nutritional tables.

Identical products with different branding

Products with same bar code

  • Images of 4 different products have been uploaded for (see product 5901234123457 m). I can't confirm any of these with a simple web search. This EAN code is also often used for illustration purposes on e.g. Wikipedia and Python sample code
    • Terrafrika One Cola,
    • Bridelice cream or milk (not sure),
    • Eggo Waffles
    • "Diamond" dietary supplement
  • 20408466
    • ASDA 15 eggs
    • Crackers goût Pizza Crusti Croc (LIDL)
  • Mineral waters with the same brand and codebar but from different mineral springs (and with different mineral composition).

Aldi's products

Lidl's products

Dia's products

Products with two barcodes

Products without barcode, but with EAN-number

Different products in different countries

  • (see product 5449000011527 m) : Swiss Fanta has the same barcode as the French Fanta manu1400 but it looks like ( the picture is blurred ..) that the ingredients are different
  • (see product 7612100054994 m) : Ovomaltine has the same barcode but different Nutrition Facts between FR version and IT/ES/PT version (see photos)

Products with strange nutritional information

  • (see product 3335122723382 m): Mix information " per 100g ", " per 100ml ", " g / l "
  • Cookies brand " Michel et Augustin" , developed in Paris , formulate sentences with nutritional information and ingredients for some cookies ( not the entire package .) Ingredients "classics" are against full labeled in English , for example: (see product 3760122961951 m)
  • (see product 6132500680018 m): Presence of vitamin difficult to read (B22 ? ) .
  • (see product 3367651001303 m): the weight of a sandwich is not specified , but information are provided in the table.
  • (see product 5000183505458 m): 6.1g carbohydrates of which 6.9g sugars? There's something fishy in this tomato and smoked bacon sauce!
  • (see product 5060079730036 m): 39.63g carbohydrates of which 46.59g sugars! Another surprising sauce...
  • (see product 3250391640379 m): Value for sodium and salt incompatible
  • (see product 3250390305224 m): Value for sodium and salt incompatible
  • (see product 3700238384350 m): 52.8g carbohydrates of which 439.7g sugars!!!
  • (see product 00180115 m): Product has one column for thighs, one for drumsticks
  • (see product 5000184161028 m): nutrition facts are based on the cube diluted in water, instead of the weight of the cube itself :
  • (see product 29019373 m): nutrition facts are based on the prepared/cooked penne ("zubereitet"); while there is probably no relevant difference in the nutrition info itself, the amount of water soaked up while cooking may differ based on some conditions (salt? heat? duration?)
  • (see product 5000169403822 m): Product has one column (nutri info and ingredients) for each kind of cookie
  • (see product 7613035664692 m): Product has one column (nutri info and ingredients) for each kind of chocolate
  • (see product 8000500168554 m): Product has one column (nutri info and ingredients) for each kind of chocolate
  • (see product 5012035947835 m): Product has one column for nutrition facts and two sections for ingredients (2 products in one).
  • (see product 3423720012462 m): Product with 48,6 g / 100 g. A bit salty for a cake.
  • (see product 3461820210425 m): Product with 2.8g of salt, which is very strange for olive oil.

See also:

Products to remove

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Other Noteworthy Products

  • (see product 5000242452693 m): "Slow cooked tender prime steak in a rich gravy infused with Guiness beer, baked in a unique Holland's golden shortcrust pie" is probably the longest product name we stumbled upon
  • (see product 8901491101844 m): Two ingredients lists, one on an importer's sticker. Importer's sticker is more specific, but manufacturer's list includes an E-code for an unlisted ingredient (160b).
  • (see product 9100000819136 m) : Diabetic information in nutrition facts.
  • Veggie Aufschnitt in two flavors (see product 22148186 m)
  • (see product 4311596460434 m): Product by several producers (DE NI 010 EG and DE NI 059 EG) with different nutritions and labels (DLG 2012). Might be they changed producers, but Edeka probably sells enough units to need more than one producer at the same time.
  • (see product 4300175075589 m): Mineral water from several water sources (Noe-Quelle, Quintus-Quelle) with different nutrition values. Also only one is "Natriumarm".

Preparing for foods

Their peculiarity is that it requires an array of unique nutritional values ​​, because the values ​​of the product as it does not really make sense , I do not know whether to put in the database the two values ​​, or alternatively, if must keep one, I think the nutritional value of the product when prepared is more interesting because it is what we want . (Currently I put the values ​​of the product as it is waiting for a ARMONISATION ) - Syaoran ] ] ([ [ User talk : Syaoran | discussion ) September 22, 2013 at 21:32 (CEST)

Products with different ingredients in multiple languages

Products with small item-dependent variations

Products with multiple possible sets of ingredients

  • (see product 4810268024313 m): the letter (which is to be found near the dates on the cap) is in parentheses after the ingredient.
  • (see product 4601512006724 m): same, but no comma ("или" means "or"), and there is an asterisk after the letter.

Variable nutrition data

Products whose recipe has changed

Products for which the barcode stays the same, but package, ingredients or nutritional values changed.

Since the end of 2021, we now have specific properties to list products which have been reformulated: reformulated and reformulated:description.

Products with a Nutri-Score that has improved over time

Asked a lot by journalists, we should have a couple of examples to showcase:

You can find other examples in the list of products using the reformulated:description property:

Products whose packaging has changed

Some examples of products whose packaging has changed.

Products with american nutritional label in Europe


Products compared with European regulations


On casein and caseinates food

" Without prejudice to Community provisions on food labeling , labeling of casein and caseinates must include:

* For caseinates : the cation or cations ;
* ( ... ) "

(see product 3270160812936 m) labeling of ingredients in this dish prepared on caseinates ( "sodium caseinate") seems correct. fr:Produits_remarquables