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Please list here products whose data should be checked because it is dubious.

Uncertain barcodes in need to be checked


  • (see product 5410143108139 m): Has a picture, the first one, of an 150 g lactose-free Lidl Milbona fruit yogurt of a different barcode, unknown at this point.
  • (see product 5601312512011 m): Has a picture, the fifth one, of a Pingo Doce 1 l milk of a different barcode, unknown.
  • (see product 8480000836687 m): Has a picture, the sixth and last one, of a different product from the same company, unidentified so far.
  • (see product 2908201021757 m) and (see product 2908201020231 m): Two products practically empty, with one having now been deleted, which could be the same, having a variable barcode, depending on weight or price.
  • (see product 5601244202332 m): Valuable pictures were deleted. What happened and where are those pictures now, if still anywhere, needs to be investigated.

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