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Do you want to involve yourself in a project? Want to know which are our concrete projects? You're at the right place.

Ongoing projects


  • Owned by User:Teolemon; with the participation of User:Stephane, @VaiTon, @Aleene, ...
  • Provide a score to decrypt environmental impacts of products.
  • Status: 2021-01: launched a first version on OFF website and apps (for more than 240,000 products)
  • Needs: ...
  • How to join: see #eco-score channel on slack.


  • Owned by User:Stephane; with the participation of ...
  • This project will allow users of the Open Food Facts website, mobile app and our 100+ mobile apps ecosystem, to get highly personalized search results without sacrificing their privacy.
  • Status: 2021-01: 8 months ongoing project, near finished.
  • Needs: ...
  • How to join: see its dedicated wiki page and #personal-search slack channel

Open Food Facts answers you

  • Owned by User:Charlesnepote; with the participation of @jolesh, @aleene
  • Every week, Open Food Facts is receiving many questions from the general public. The goal of the project is to let contributors join the effort to answer different kind of questions, and different languages.
  • Status: 2021-01: the platform is installed and running, but needs more work to have a fluent process.
  • How to join: ask User:Charlesnepote.

To be started soon


  • No owner yet.
  • The goal of Folksonomy engine is to unleash an ocean of new usages regarding food knowledge. Folksonomy engine allows all kind of people — citizens, researchers, journalists, professionals, artists, communities, innovators... — to enrich and use Open Food Facts, thanks to free tags and properties of their own, for their own use or to enrich the shared knowledge. Open Food Facts, as the biggest open-food database in the world, already feeds hundreds of data reuses. It will allow thousands of new apps and new usages.
  • Status: 2021-01: not yet started; 6 months products
  • How to join: ask User:Stephane

New blog engine

  • No owner yet.
  • We want to change our blog platform to allow more features (such as responsive design), and open contributions to more people.
  • Needs: install the new platform; migrate old blogposts to the new platform; design the website; add features depending on users' needs.
  • Status: 2021-01: 3 months projects.
  • How to join: ask User:Charlesnepote.


  • No owner yet.
  • Slack is cool, but it's only a chat. It does not allow structured discussions. Many users ask for a more convenient way to discuss the project.
  • Needs: gather our needs; choose a tool (Discourse, Odoo...); install it; design the website.
  • Status: 2021-01: 3 months projects.
  • How to join: ask User:Charlesnepote.

Open Food Facts loves science (and scientists)

  • No owner yet.
  • 1. Communicate what we are doing for science (data reuses for studies), and with scientists. 2. Explain how we can collaborate and suggest to scientists to contact us.
  • Needs: list main scientific articles based on our data; explain how we can collaborate; write a dedicated page on OFF website; maybe: write blog posts.
  • Status: 2021-01: 2 months projects.
  • How to join: ask User:Charlesnepote.

Open Food Facts sustainable API Proxy

  • No owner yet.
  • Open Food Facts API usage is free and will remain free for all users. Though, it is made for reasonable usages: 1 API call = 1 real scan by a user. Our resources are not sized for dozens of requests at a time. For example, while building dashboards with Google Spreadsheet is feasible via Open Food Facts API, we tend to block this kind of request as it consumes too many resources. The goal of OFF API Proxy is to allow dozens of requests at a time, the proxy queuing requests passing them to the API at a reasonable rate (2 requests/s). The proxy is also using caches, allowing a more sustainable usage of the API.
  • Needs: If you do have Nginx skills, your contribution would be appreciated.
  • Status: 2021-01: 1-month project.
  • How to join: ask User:Charlesnepote.

To be presented

  • Matomo instance
  • Nextcloud
  • Wiki migration + backup on new infrastructure