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Producers' data are welcome in Open food Facts and have a dedicated platform.

Thousands of producers already publish their data into Open Food Facts database.

See also Main page about Platform for producers

How to

You're a producer? You can enter yourself your products by following this step-by-step guide.

You're a contributor? You can help and ask data to the producers. You can either:

  • Send the ready-to-use email with your personal email, if you only want to be involved occasionally
  • Join the Producers' Team efforts 💪 - a structure team dedicated to nudge producers to share their data. Please fill in the Contributors Skill Pool so that we can identify your interest, or reach out to (or @Manon Corneille on Slack)

By joining the Producers' Team, you become one of the faces of the Open Food Facts project. To ensure that communication with stakeholders remains in line with our message and values, we will kindly ask you to read our Communication Guidelines when speaking on behalf of Open Food Facts.

Do's and don't

  • Producers' data should be the same as printed on the packaging.
  • Producers' data mustn't contain subjective data. Better taste label is prohibited, even if it's written on the packaging.

The poor and simple way

Every producer can add its products with a regular account, directly on Open Food Facts platform. If the producer has more than a dozen of products, it can become tedious, so we encourage producers to use our pro platform.

The better way

Even if the producer has few products, we recommend using the dedicated Open Food Facts Pro platform: (it's free!)

The Pro platform:

  1. allows to mass import and/or update products and their pictures in Open Food Facts (via Excel files, CSV, etc.)
  2. allows to compute food indicators such as Nutri-Score
  3. allows to control data before import: data errors are reported; each product page can be simulated
  4. identifies products enhancements: for example, a better Nutri-Score due to a small sugar or salt variation
  5. allows to protect qualified data from modifications during one year (products which passed data quality controls)

Special status for data send by identified producers

When producers send their data thanks to producer platform, they enter a special status. Data send by the producers are supposed to be the same as the data printed on the package, and the producer platform also show potential quality issues to the producers, so we use to trust these data. As a consequence:

  • data and pictures send by the producer are locked and protected from contributors modifications during one year; the data is controlled before import and products with quality control issues are not imported
  • data can still be modified by special roles on Open Food Facts platform: administrators and moderators
  • missing data can still be completed by any contributor
  • picture send by contributors are stored in the platform but not taken in account if the producer has sent one since one year
  • tags can also be updated by contributors (labels, countries, ...)
  • after one year, if the producer hasn't updated the product, all data can be modified by anyone