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This email can be used to invite a food producer to publish its data on the Open Food Facts platform.

You can adapt it to your own context: country, language, etc. The paragraph describing Open Food Facts can be placed at the end. Use your own way to say hello or to express salutations. Don't forget countries version runs as in Open Food Facts platform: eg. for France.


Subject: Enhance your products' quality, transparency and visibility (with Open Food Facts)



Open Food Facts is a not-for-profit community working for food quality and food transparency. It's a worldwide project. Our database covers more than 180 countries, holding 2,030,000+ products. This data is freely reusable by anyone and fuels more than 130 mobile apps, 200+ diverse usages (software tools, articles...), is mentioned in more than 160 scientific publications. Built by more than 20,000 contributors, we're kind of Wikipedia of food.

From those existing mobile apps, users can scan for a product barcode to see allergens, composition, nutrition, similar products, or healthier alternatives, as well as scan expiration dates and receive reminders on the phone before products run out. It also helps people count calories to lose weight, helps pregnant women and people with certain diseases like diabetes. Vegetarians and vegans are also not left behind.

Today hundreds of producers also directly publish their data into Open Food Facts: Unilever, Barilla, Carrefour, Ferrero..., and even local producers or small brands.

You can do it too.

Open Food Facts proposes a free platform entirely dedicated to producers that:

  1. allows to mass import and/or update products and their pictures in Open Food Facts (via Excel files, CSV, etc.)
  2. allows to compute food indicators such as Nutri-Score
  3. allows to control data before import: data errors are reported; each product page can be simulated
  4. identifies products enhancements: for example, a better Nutri-Score due to a small sugar or salt variation

The pro platform is completely free: you just have to register here:

The platform also allows publishing links to the brand official website, and we will soon add the link to the consumer service, and other information. Your feedback would be very welcomed!

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