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  • We are surrounded by objects. Some are dear to us and passed down from generation to generation, but in reality the vast majority of things we buy have a limited lifespan and will end up in landfill after little use, either because they are broken or because the original owner no longer needs it.
  • It's difficult to make the right choice for the planet when purchasing, and it's difficult to make the right choices for the planet with what you already have. Many of these objects are impossible or difficult to recycle, and we do not always realize all the circular options available to us as consumers.
  • Due to the diversity of objects around us, we face a first fragmentation: we do not recycle a smartphone or a lawn mower in the same way.
  • A second fragmentation is added when we consider the different stages in the life of an object (the main ones: purchase, commissioning, maintenance, repair, reuse, recycling) which are deciphered by very often different circular actors.
  • A third fragmentation, geographical, because the circular actors are not the same depending on the countries, regions, territories or even municipalities.
  • To these three fragmentations is added a fragmentation in the interfaces, the absence of compatibility, interoperability and APIs, necessary for the emergence of fluid circular experiences which make circular options the most “pleasant” options. for all consumers.
  • The circular problem which was already glaring in 2020 has been superimposed on an issue of purchasing power, where it becomes even more crucial to help vulnerable populations find solutions that are good for their wallet, and good for the planet, i.e. that is to say reuse.
  • Open Products Facts therefore aims to create a shock of simplicity, and a defragmentation of the circular ecosystem, in order to streamline and consolidate uses.



  • We got an ambitious plan for Open Products Facts financed. We're looking for additional funding, but we're going to start work on the upgrade, and revamp.
  • We're positioning it around the circular economy

Action 1 - A web platform for all products

  1. start of the Open Products Facts revamp. Open Products Facts is the first building block of the project: it is the open database of products and their characteristics.
  2. Design and testing of the database revamp and technical architecture.
  3. Modularization and sharing of the source code of Open Food Facts and Open Products facts. Deployment of Open Products Facts.
  4. automatic deployment of development and production environments

Server PRs and issues

Action 2 - Universal mobile app for Open Products Facts

  1. Carry out the technical modernization of Open Products Facts mobile app: replace the Android version currently deployed with the new multi-platform technology deployed for food, by adapting all of the code to non-food, and deploy an iPhone and iPad version. This paves the way for a merger of apps to maximize user synergies as soon as everything is stabilized.
  2. Set up the mobile part of flexible and scalable product modeling which allows any product to be modeled (Folksonomy Engine)
  3. Add an ad-hoc mobile interface based on Folksonomy Engine to allow the calculation of the product reparability index (because the latter is particularly relevant for goods that are changed regularly, notably mobiles and tablets)


Add support for Open Products Facts in the mobile app (Tracker issue)

Action 3 - Unlock usage value

  1. Adding documents (eg manuals)
  2. Scores - Repairability index field
  3. Expandable catalog of solutions by category based on Knowledge Panel Facets
  4. Broad communication on the potential for innovation in the use of Open Products Facts


Knowledge panels for Open Products Facts

Brainstorm (old)

  • Load the Base Carbone from ADEME into Open Product Facts to give a carbon impact approximation for some categories in France.
  • Find if there are any API for resale websites to pre-fill a new listing
  • Instruction Manual URLs


  • The Revamp of Open Products Facts into a circular platform is made possible by the AFNIC foundation