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We currently have native apps for Android, iOS and Ubuntu Touch.

We also have an HTML-based app for other mobile OSes based on Cordova and PhoneGap. We'd very much like have native apps for speed and access to more advanced features.

Native apps


The application is already on Google Play (and F-Droid) and you can download it here.

You can also contribute to its development on GitHub.

Documentation of the source code

The documentation is generated automatically from the source code and your improvements to code documentation are published automatically.


Figma project for the Android app


Mobile App/Roadmap


The application is on the Apple App store. It is coded in Swift.

download it here.

You can also contribute to its development on GitHub.

  1. ios and #ios-alerts on Slack


Mobile App/Roadmap


iOS Figma Project

Ubuntu mobile

For now it is an alpha version.

You can compile it directly from the main repo on GitHub:

Mobile web version


Phonegap - Android, iOS, Windows Phone

The application is mainly dedicated to the collection of products: bar code scanning , sending photos, input basic information.

The application is developed in HTML and JavaScript and is based on the PhoneGap platform (also known as Cordova). It is packaged for Android and iOS with the Moodstock scanner. On other platforms (Windows Phone…) it needs the BarcodeScanner PhoneGap plugin instead.


Development notes

Mobile App/Development Notes


Mobile App/Roadmap

Applications dedicated to uses other than the collection

Large public Application: information consultation

Display nutritional traffic lights etc. .

Large public Application: augmented reality

  • Information display overlay product .
  • Ongoing trial with Moodstocks. First tests rather conclusive: the products are easily recognized when the camera passes over (without scanning and without taking a picture).

Application for people who have difficulty reading

Other Apps?

  • Calculation of calories and other nutrients
  • An offline version ( avoiding making an internet connection for lookups)


Mobile App/AppStores

fr:Projet:Applications mobiles