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Open Food Facts is a collaborative, citizen-led project. Are you a student needing some practical volunteering experience? A retired professional looking for a project to keep those neurons firing? Diversifying your skillset? There are lots of different ways to contribute!

Improving the Database

The database is at the core of the project, and it's so easy to help. You could start by downloading the mobile app on your phone and add or improve products. The Open Food Facts website also has many opportunities to contribute. You could check out our list of products to be completed and start making improvements. Or try accepting one of our contribution missions. How about improving the overall quality of the data?

Software Development

Most of the development work required to create and maintain Open Food Facts software and tools is done by volunteers. We welcome expertise in the Open Food Facts back end (Perl and MongoDB); the API (JSON); our website (HTML5, JS, Foundation); iOS native (Swift); Android native (Java); AI (python, R); and translations. For more information, see our Software Development page.

Knowledge and Documentation

This wiki is our central hub for knowledge and docs relating to the project. Help us to maintain and enrich the wiki. This is a great opportunity for professional writers such as tech writers and content developers to diversify their skillset.


Open Food Facts is a global project that involves products from over 160 countries. We translate rapidly evolving content into dozens of languages. Translations are key to the project's success. Translators, please make yourself known to us - we love you!


We want to grow and nurture our community of contributors. You can find us in just about every corner of social media: Facebook, Slack, Twitter... We especially need people who can welcome new contributors, show them how we do things, and answer questions. If you love people and want to help them succeed, this is your space!


We need to clearly explain our goals, our tools and our services. We need to reach a broad audience and ensure people understand how we conduct the project. We also need to provide updates about progress, news and successes. If you live and breathe communications, we want to hear from you. Check out our communication page and get started.

Project Management and Administration

Open Food Facts also needs help with fundraising, project management and quality control.