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Blog posts

There are two versions of the blog: one in French and one in English. We aim to publish articles regularly to talk about the content of Open Food facts and to address users: professionals or the general public. We would like everyone to participate in the writing of this blog, so we invite you to make us proposals for articles about the nutritional or environmental aspect of our data.


Keep in mind that all information must be sourced. Here are some typologies of posts that you can follow:

Statistics studies

Study of a criterion compared with other relevant criteria

Nova: Nutriscore, calories, proteins, carbohydrates lipids, added sugar, salt, CO2 ...
Nutriscore: same
Vegetarian: organic, CO2, saturated fatty acids, additives ...
Made in France / other country: CO2, organic, additives, palm oil…
→ Article plan: factual description of the comparison criteria, justification of the interest of the comparisons, insertion of graphs, statistical analysis of the results.

Health recommendation

Use and comparison of data based on official recommendations (WHO or local organization):

50g of added sugars / day
5g of salt / day
25g of fiber / day
Consumption of whole foods
Reduced consumption of red meat
Decrease in saturated fat
Omega 3 increase
Decrease in ultra-processed foods

→ Article plan: Rationale based on the recommendation, insertion of classification of the richest / poorest products, comparison with other criteria justifying their effects on health.

Comparative food studies

Comparison of foods in the same category based on several given criteria. ex:

honeys: presence of additives, CO2, origin, packaging
breakfast cereals: fiber, added sugars, calories, additives
Spread: calories, additives, palm oil free, nova, allergen free
Possibility to choose products according to news and local and international days

Article plan: characteristics of the category, important characteristics, classification or graph according to some criteria

How to

“Tutorial” articles on possible uses of the site and the app:

How to create and export a chart
How to do a comparative study
How to do an advanced search
How to contribute

Open Food Facts news

According to news


If you wish to send us an article, you can write it and post your proposal directly on the raw blog page. Otherwise, you can send your article by email to