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This is a project, not yet a reality.

Open Food Facts Forum is suited for organized discussions where not all the people have to be online at the same time.

Along with the Slack space and the wiki, the Forum is one of the three community tools of Open Food Facts. Each tool has its own usage.

  1. Slack space:
    • chatting, real time conversations: very useful for real time cooperation
    • where topics are changing very quickly;
    • the contents of the chat can be considered disposable, at least because Slack messages are Slack's property: at any time, Slack could change its terms of conditions
  2. Forum:
    • organized discussions
    • focusing on people who:
      • appreciate asynchronous discussions, where the quality of exchanges precedence over real time;
      • want to discuss on a time to time basis;
      • want to stay informed about the project;
      • want to cherry-pick chosen conversations
    • can be seen as an antechamber to the wiki.
  3. Wiki:
    • suited for stable documentation and knowledge capitalization
    • not well suited for discussions (only hardcore wikipedians do that, isn't it?)

Common guidelines

[to be discussed]