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Before Event


  • Computer demo
    • an external display
    • a Bluetooth mouse (in order to make demonstration from a laptop that thus can remain usable between pitches)
    • a laptop
  • Store clean packaging and unopened products
    • A non-completed product with a health stamp
  • Buy some Tagada "Strawberries"
  • An attractive display for Tagada "strawberries"
  • A piggy bank with the Open Food Facts logo (Pierre) and a QR code to the Hello Asso donate page
  • The Open Food Facts Kakemono (Stéphane)
  • Print some posters: Posters
    • Posters "Are You ... ?" printed in glossy color (Stéphane)
    • The poster of E120 (color) (Pierre)
    • others
  • The plastic logo in color of Open Food Facts (Pierre x2)
  • Bring magnets and stickers
  • Print a list to recruit volunteers
  • T-shirts

Get a presentation computer ready

  • Grab an external screen if possible
  • Get an external mouse and keyboard ( to be able to present while facing the screen)
  • Get power cord

Install OpenList to quickly open tabs and products


During Event

Making a presentation of Open Food Facts


A first step to contribute to Open Food Facts is to present it to you friends and family. You can get on Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus and ask a few friends and family to join the project.

1500 contributors have added 35000 products on Open Food Facts. The database includes products from more than 100 different countries, but the bulk of them comes from France - where Open Food Facts was launched in 2012 - and from a few countries like Spain, the UK, the US and Belgium where we have some very motivated contributors. We need to change that: we need to add products from INSERT THE COUNTRY NAME HERE and try to reach a critical mass of products. Of even greater importance, We need to create and develop strong local communities of contributors.

To create this community, we need people who can present Open Food Facts in front of as many different audiences as possible, from the most obvious ones to the most unlikely. In France we have accepted all invitations to present our project, and each time we have quickly connected to the people who attended our presentations. Food is a universal topic of interest that everyone relates to. Explaining how we can better understand labels and easily compare products always generates a lot of interest and enthusiasm.

So could you present Open Food Facts in your country?

Here are some ideas of possible venues and audiences, but you will surely have other ones:

  • Open Data meetups and events
  • Free software / Open source meetups and events
  • Food and nutrition events
  • Schools

Would you like to contribute and/or to present Open Food Facts? Get in touch!

Presenting Open Food Facts is easy

It's easy. We already have ready-made Impress and Keynote presentations you can translate into your language. We also have transcripts and videos of people presenting Open Food Facts at various events.


Events where Open Food Facts will be present

Events Open Food Facts would like to attend

Events Open Food Facts attended

Use the Presentation Kit to prepare your presentation.

  • Just download the presentation kit from the wiki. If it's not translated, you just have to take some time to translate it in your language. It's rather short, and it's a good way to memorize the presentation :-)
  • Don't forget to upload the translated version back to the wiki.
  • Don't forget to ask advice on Slack, as well as stickers and presentation material.

After Event

  • Type down collected email
  • Send information email to interested contributors