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Please send a User-Agent HTTP Header with the name of the app/service querying, the version, system and a url if you have one, so that you are not blocked by mistake*


Reading a product

The requested subdomain will be the locale fetched. (fr.openfoodfacts will fetch FR, world.openfoodfacts EN, world-fr FR products from the whole world)

Structure of the call

The final number must be a valid barcode.

Status codes

If a product is not found
   "status_verbose":"product not found",
If the product is found properly

See a full example: API/Full JSON example

Fields within a product


  • product_name : name of the product : Coca Cola
  • generic_name : name that shouldn't contain brands : Cola soda
  • generic_name_LANG_CODE : name that shouldn't contain brands:
    • generic_name_fr:soda au cola
    • generic_name_en:cola soda


  • code : barcode of the product (can be EAN-13 or internal codes for some food stores), for products without a barcode, Open Food Facts assigns a number starting with the 200 reserved prefix
List of List of barcodes beginning with a given number
List of barcodes beginning with 3596710

Quantity and unit

  • quantity : quantity and unit

URL of the product page

  • url : url of the product page on Open Food Facts


  • brands
  • brands_tags
List of Brands
Individual Brand

Product images


  • Images ensure the reliability of Open Food Facts data. It provides a primary source and proof of all the structured data. You may therefore want to display it along the structured information.
  • We encourage you to let your users upload images for products that don't exist yet, and for existing products as well (packaging and information changes over time).
  • We have different scales of images. Use them wisely to save bandwidth, both for your users and Open Food Facts.
Raw images
  • image_small_url
  • image_thumb_url
  • image_url
Front image
  • "image_front_url"
  • "image_front_small_url"
  • "image_front_thumb_url"
Ingredients image
  • "image_ingredients_url"
  • "image_ingredients_small_url"
  • "image_ingredients_thumb_url"
Nutrition image
  • "image_nutrition_url"
  • "image_nutrition_small_url"
  • "image_nutrition_thumb_url"


Languages on the packaging of the product.

List of languages present on packaging
List of products with given language on packaging
List of products in Italian and Chinese
List of multilingual products
List of products by language count
Getting suggestions for languages


  • labels
  • labels_fr
Label tags
  • labels_tags
  • labels_debug_tags
  • labels_prev_tags
  • labels_next_tags
Label hierarchy
  • labels_hierarchy
  • labels_prev_hierarchy
  • labels,labels_next_hierarchy

For a list of all taxonomized values in all supported languages, please refer to the Global labels taxonomy

List of labels
Individual label
Label images

No format API is currently available. However, they are predictable:


A full list is available at:

Getting suggestions for labels


For a list of all possible values in all supported languages, please refer to the Global categories taxonomy

  • categories
  • categories_tags
  • categories_fr
  • main_category
  • main_category_fr

The categories_hierarchy is sorted by the "level" of each category. Level 0 means the category has no children, level 1 means it has children that do not have other children, level 2 is when it has children that have children that do not have children etc.

List of categories
Individual category
Getting suggestions for categories

Location of a product (from country to store)

Origins of ingredients
  • origins : origins of ingredients
  • origins_tags
Manufacturing Places
  • manufacturing_places : places where manufactured or transformed
  • manufacturing_places_tags
  • cities
  • cities_tags
Country of products
  • countries : list of countries where the product is sold
  • countries_tags
  • countries_fr
List of Countries
Individual Country
Getting suggestions for Countries
Purchase place of products
  • purchase_places
List of purchase places
Individual purchase place
Store of products
  • stores
List of Stores
Individual Store

Composition of a product : ingredients, detected ingredients, traces, allergens

Do not make the assumption that the ingredient is or is not present based on this. Parsing errors happen.
List of ingredients on a specific product
  • On a product ingredients_text contains the text of the ingredients.
    • ingredients_text_fr, ingredients_text_nl… (the package of a product may be multilingual)
    • ingredients_text_with_allergens_fr (same with HTML markup around allergens)
  • This list is parsed and we construct an ingredients and ingredients_tags list, but those will contain synonyms etc. We do not have a full taxonomy for ingredients yet. It's a work in progress.
    • ingredients
      • percent: possible detected percentage (still unreliable)
      • rank: the order of the ingredient in the ingredient list
      • id: a slug version of the detected ingredient
      • text: the raw text of the detected ingredient
    • ingredients_tags
  • The ingredients are not yet taxonomized on Open Food Facts. They are taxonomized on Open Beauty Facts
  • The taxonomies of ingredients need expansion: Global ingredients taxonomy (OFF), Global ingredients taxonomy Open Beauty Facts
List of detected ingredients
List of products where a specific ingredient has been detected
Getting suggestions for ingredients (ONLY FOR OBF at the moment)

Vitamins and minerals detection
Amino acids
Other nutritional substances
Palm Oil Detection
  • ingredients_from_palm_oil_n
  • ingredients_from_palm_oil
  • ingredients_from_palm_oil_tags
  • ingredients_that_may_be_from_palm_oil_n
  • ingredients_that_may_be_from_palm_oil
  • ingredients_that_may_be_from_palm_oil_tags
Ingredients from palm oil
= List of ingredients from palm oil =
= List of products where a specific ingredient from palm oil has been detected =
Ingredients that may be from palm oil
= List of ingredients that may be from palm oil =
= List of products where a specific ingredient that may be from palm oil has been detected =
Trace of products
  • traces
  • traces_tags
List of Traces
Individual Trace
Getting suggestions for traces
Food (or cosmetic) additives
  • additives_n : number of food additives
  • additives
  • additives_tags

For a list of all taxonomized values in all supported languages, please refer to the Global additives taxonomy

List of Additives
Individual Additive
Getting suggestions for additives
Allergens of products
List of allergens
Individual allergen
Getting suggestions for allergens

Nutrition values

Nutrition data
General structure

The nutrition facts are presented by multiple fields per nutrition fact. Each nutrition fact is presented by a key, i.e. "salt", "fat", etc. The fields can also be found in the taxonomy translation file.

The fields can have the following structure:

  • key (string) - the value for the nutrition fact key (eg in json: "fiber":"0.5");
  • key_serving (string) - the value of a serving for type key (eg: in json "carbohydrates_serving":"5.82"). The size of the servig is found in the serving field;
  • key_value (string) - the standardized value of a serving of 100g (100ml) for type key (eg in json: "salt_100g":"0.19");
  • key_100g (string) - the standardized value of a serving of 100g (100ml) for type key (eg in json: "salt_100g":"0.19");
  • key_unit (string) - the units used in the other fields (eg in json: "carbohydrates_unit":"g"). Possible values are "kg", "g", "mg, "µg", "l", "ml", "%" or "";
  • key_label (string) - a more user friendly text explaining the label

Only the nutrition facts that are actually found on the packaging are present in the interface.


  • The API returns all values in grams. This applies to both the key_100g and key_serving values.
  • The API always returns the energy values in kJ by default. Multiply the value by 0.23900573614 to convert it to Calories.
  • Any nutriments submitted to OFF as % DV values are converted to grams before being stored in the database. The conversion is done based on the values here. Thus, the conversion rates can be used again to change the nutriment values from grams back to % DV.
List of nutrition keys

The following nutrition keys are supported:

  • energy
  • proteins
  • casein
  • serum-proteins
  • nucleotides
  • carbohydrates
  • sugars
  • sucrose
  • glucose
  • fructose
  • lactose
  • maltose
  • maltodextrins
  • starch
  • polyols
  • fat
  • saturated-fat
  • butyric-acid
  • caproic-acid
  • caprylic-acid
  • capric-acid
  • lauric-acid
  • myristic-acid
  • palmitic-acid
  • stearic-acid
  • arachidic-acid
  • behenic-acid
  • lignoceric-acid
  • cerotic-acid
  • montanic-acid
  • melissic-acid
  • monounsaturated-fat
  • polyunsaturated-fat
  • omega-3-fat
  • alpha-linolenic-acid
  • eicosapentaenoic-acid
  • docosahexaenoic-acid
  • omega-6-fat
  • linoleic-acid
  • arachidonic-acid
  • gamma-linolenic-acid
  • dihomo-gamma-linolenic-acid
  • omega-9-fat
  • oleic-acid
  • elaidic-acid
  • gondoic-acid
  • mead-acid
  • erucic-acid
  • nervonic-acid
  • trans-fat
  • cholesterol
  • fiber
  • sodium
  • alcohol: % vol of alcohol
  • vitamin-a
  • vitamin-d
  • vitamin-e
  • vitamin-k
  • vitamin-c
  • vitamin-b1
  • vitamin-b2
  • vitamin-pp
  • vitamin-b6
  • vitamin-b9
  • vitamin-b12
  • biotin
  • pantothenic-acid
  • silica
  • bicarbonate
  • potassium
  • chloride
  • calcium
  • phosphorus
  • iron
  • magnesium
  • zinc
  • copper
  • manganese
  • fluoride
  • selenium
  • chromium
  • molybdenum
  • iodine
  • caffeine
  • taurine
Specific nutrition keys
  • carbon-footprint_100g : carbon footprint (indicated on some products)
  • ph_100g : pH (no unit)
  • cocoa - minimal cacao content of the product in %. Note the TYPO.
  • fruits-vegetables-nuts_100g : % of fruits, vegetables and nuts (excluding potatoes, yams, manioc)
  • fruits_vegetables_nuts_estimate_100g : estimate by manually looking at the list of ingredients

  • nutrition-score-fr_100g : experimental nutrition score derived from the UK FSA score and adapted for the French market (formula defined by the team of Professor Hercberg)
  • nutrition-score-uk_100g : nutrition score defined by the UK Food Standards Administration (FSA)
Nutrition grades (Nutriscore, UK grades)
"nutrition_score_debug":" -- energy 3 + sat-fat 6 + fr-sat-fat-for-fats 6 + sugars 0 + sodium 6 - fruits 0% 0 - fiber 0 - proteins 5 -- fsa 15 -- fr 15"
  • Nutrition Grade Value
Nutrition Grade Images

No formal API is available, but you can use:

List of all nutrition grades
List of products with a given nutrition grade (from A to E, including unknown)

Nova Groups
Nova Groups Images

No formal API is available, but you can use:

* https://static.openfoodfacts.org/images/misc/nova-group-4.svg
* https://static.openfoodfacts.org/images/misc/nova-group-3.svg
* https://static.openfoodfacts.org/images/misc/nova-group-2.svg
* https://static.openfoodfacts.org/images/misc/nova-group-1.svg
Nutrients levels
List of all nutrition levels
List of products with fat in low quantity
Unknown Nutrients

They might be unknown for a good reason…

List of Unknown Nutrients
Individual Unknown Nutrients


  • packaging : shape, material
  • packaging_tags
  • Packaging are not taxonomized yet.
List of Packagings
Individual Packaging
Packaging images

No API is currently available. As a workaround, you can use the images from the server, or those folders.

Packager codes
  • emb_codes
  • emb_codes_tags
  • first_packaging_code_geo : coordinates corresponding to the first packaging code indicated
List of Packager codes
List of products with given Packager code
EMB (France specific)
=EU Codes (Europe-wide) =
= Note =

Other codes might be present, but we don't have specific support yet

List of Packaging cities
List of products with given Packaging city



Product status & modification history

  • creator : contributor who first added the product
  • created_t : date that the product was added (UNIX timestamp format)
  • created_datetime : date that the product was added (iso8601 format: yyyy-mm-ddThh:mn:ssZ)
  • last_modified_t : date that the product page was last modified
  • last_modified_datetime
Status of products

For all possible values, please refer to the Global states taxonomy

List of States
Individual Status
Getting suggestions for states
Last Edit Dates
List of Last Edit Dates
List of products with a given last edit date
Entry dates
List of entry dates
List of products with a given entry date