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Products with several byproducts

Several lists of ingredients and several nutritional tables; multiproduct packs.

Identical products with different branding

Hundreds of products are only different in their brands and distributors, having the same ingredients, nutritional composition, weights, formats... For example:

Products with same bar code

  • Images of 4 different products have been uploaded for (see product 5901234123457 m). I can't confirm any of these with a simple web search. This EAN is also often used for illustration purposes on e.g. Wikipedia and Python sample code
    • Terrafrika One Cola,
    • Bridelice cream or milk (not sure),
    • Eggo Waffles
    • "Diamond" dietary supplement
  • 20408466
    • ASDA 15 eggs
    • Crackers goût Pizza Crusti Croc (LIDL)
  • Mineral waters with the same brand and codebar but from different mineral springs (and with different mineral composition).

Aldi's products

Lidl's products

Dia's products

Products with two barcodes

Products with an EAN without the barcode

Products with strange nutritional information

There is a label for incorrect information nutritional facts, as linked here.

Other noteworthy products

  • (see product 5000242452693 m): "Slow cooked tender prime steak in a rich gravy infused with Guiness beer, baked in a unique Holland's golden shortcrust pie" (21 words, 123 characters) is probably the longest product name we stumbled upon.
  • (see product 7622300118969 m): In response to above, a case like this could also be noted: "Producto en polvo para la preparación de una bebida refrescante aromatizada que contiene zumo de naranja deshidratado, zumo de fresa deshidratado, puré de mango deshidratado y aroma tropical, con azúcar y edulcorantes" (32 words, 217 characters).
  • (see product 8901491101844 m): Two ingredients lists, one on an importer's sticker. Importer's sticker is more specific, but manufacturer's list includes an E-code for an unlisted ingredient (160b).
  • (see product 9100000819136 m): Diabetic information in nutrition facts.
  • (see product 22148186 m) : Veggie Aufschnitt in two flavors
  • (see product 4311596460434 m): Product by several producers (DE NI 010 EG and DE NI 059 EG) with different nutritions and labels (DLG 2012). Might be they changed producers, but Edeka probably sells enough units to need more than one producer at the same time.
  • (see product 4300175075589 m): Mineral water from several water sources (Noe-Quelle, Quintus-Quelle) with different nutrition values. Also only one is "Natriumarm".
  • (see product 5600162630807 m) and (see product 5600162630821 m): These are the same cheeses, but one has oregano and yet, despite that, the nutritional facts and ingredient lists are the very same.
  • (see product 8801005306898 m): E964 - Sirop de polyglycitol wasn't allowed in Europe before 2012 (see this)
  • (see product 3191220000530 m): American label found in France.
  • (see product 8901161105288 m): American label with Italian distributor label, sold in Portugal without a Portuguese label translation.
  • (see product 5601383028909 m): This product has an EC health mark, which is a Veterinary Control Number, while being of 100% vegetable origin.
  • (see product 5601312101154 m): This product is labelled as having a cartonboard box to be placed in the blue recycle bin, but it doesn't actually have that packaging, having a plastic wrapper instead.
  • (see product 3259380115713 m): This product's nutritional declation table provides additional per 100 kcal values.

There are also some French cases:

Products with different ingredients in multiple languages


  • (see product 5449000011527 m): Swiss Fanta has the same barcode as the French Fanta manu1400 but it looks like (the picture is blurred) that the ingredients are different
  • (see product 7612100054994 m): Ovomaltine has the same barcode but different Nutrition Facts between FR version and IT/ES/PT version (see pictures)
  • (see product 3083680002875 m): Bonduelle canned sweet corn seems to have different data in Russia and Georgia.

Products with small item-dependent variations

Products with multiple possible sets of ingredients

  • (see product 4810268024313 m): the letter (which is to be found near the dates on the cap) is in parentheses after the ingredient.
  • (see product 4601512006724 m): same, but no comma ("или" means "or"), and there is an asterisk after the letter.

Variable nutrition data

Products whose packaging, ingredients or nutritional facts have changed

Products for which the barcode stays the same, but package, ingredients or nutritional values changed.

Since the end of 2021, we now have specific properties to list products which have been reformulated: reformulated and reformulated:description.

Some examples of products whose packaging has changed:

Products whose Nutri-Score improved

Asked a lot by journalists, we should have a couple of examples to showcase:

You can find other examples in the list of products using the reformulated:description property:

Products with decorated barcodes

Some products have decorated artistically stylized barcodes. As product pictures aren't fully publicly visible on Open Food Facts, these customized barcodes are normally only seen in the full and original listing of uploaded pictures that each product has.

  • The list of products moved over to a key here.

Restricted Circulation Number barcodes don't seem to be allowed in the above key list. There are cases of them too:

Additionally, some other products may also look like a case of barcode art, but not having the actual barcode affected, they must be technically excluded:

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