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<h1>Open Food Facts</h1>

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<p>Let's open yogurts from all around the world!
<a href="">On Open Data Day 2014,</a>
 Open Food Facts launches the <a href="">What's in my yogurt?</a> project.</p>


<p>Help us to collect information and data (ingredients, nutrition facts etc.) on food products from all around the world.
In a few minutes, you can easily add products and contribute to improve food for everyone.</p>

<p>The collected data is then usable and reusable freely:</p>

<h3>To help you to make better choices</h3>

<li>to decipher labels: which food additives should you avoid?</li>
<li>to compare products and to find better alternatives</li>
<li>to find products that do not contain (or contain less) substances that you want to avoid: fat, salt, additives, allergens etc.</li>

<h3>To motivate the industry to offer better products</h3>

<li>by grading products and publishing nutritional comparisons.</li>
<li>by checking allegations like "25% less sugar/salt/fat than other products from the same category".</li>

<h3>To help research</h3>

<li>by combining the data with other data, researchers can find correlations and try to establish the link between some ingredients and illnesses.</li>

<p>... and for all the other uses we have not thought about! By making this data publicly available for free and for all uses, you are not limited by our imagination,
and people from all around the world will find thousand of usage ideas that we would never have thought about.</p>

<p>Got ideas? Share them on the <a href="">Idea Forum</a>!</p>

<h2>Last products added:</h2>

<p>→ <a href="/state/to-be-completed">products being added</a> (in particular products added with the iPhone, Android and Windows Phone apps)</p>


<p style="clear:left">→ <a href="/cgi/">next products</a></p>