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== 2020-06 ==
* 2020-06-29 - ''Artificial Intelligence'' : We have new members who joined our effort to extract nutrition facts data from photos. Join us in #ai-nutrition-table
* 2020-06-29 - ''Belgium ingredients'' : Busy cleaning up the unknown ingredients of products sold in Belgium. Implies cleaning the languages ingredient lists, adding languages, moving products, etc.(@aleene)
* 2020-06-28 - ''Ingredients parsing'': Many improvements again this week, in particular for additives, in Spanish and many languages.
* 2020-06-26 - ''Development'' : Areesha is continuing to create templates to ease HTML / design changes. A template for nutrition facts table was deployed this week.
* 2020-06-04 - ''Packager codes'': Jussi has loaded the packager codes for Estonia, so we can now see the [ Estonian production places and the corresponding products on a map].
* 2020-06-02 - ''Ingredient translations'': Acuario has made a great effort to identify more ingredients in spanish, which means better information for vegans, vegetarians, etc.
* 2020-06-01 - ''Data qualityStrange languages'': Aleene has finished his big cleaning the "unknow-language" categoryand others.
== 2020-05 ==


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