Logo Annotation Guidelines

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The annotation Web interface is available at: https://hunger.openfoodfacts.org/logos.

The goal of the annotation is to provide ground-truth labels that will be used to predict the label of unseen logos.

It is extremely important to provide quality annotations, otherwise the predictions won't be qualitative.

If you're not sure of how you should annotate a logo, ask on the Slack, in the #ai-logo-detection channel.

How to?

1. Open web interface: https://hunger.openfoodfacts.org/logos

2. Select logos to be annotated (click each desired logo with your mouse)

3. Fill value and type corresponding to the selected logos. Be sure to check that the value and type are correct before submitting the annotation :

  • The value field should only be completed for "brand" and "label" types.
  • The value should match one item in the associated taxonomy, otherwise it won't be used for prediction. The field value is lowercased before saving the annotation.
  • Use QR code type for QR codes, Packager code for packager codes (code surrounded by a circle), Brand for brand logos and Label for label logos.

Example: https://hunger.openfoodfacts.org/logos?logo_id=161643 Here, we should add "label rouge" as value and "label" as type. Server-side, the value is transformed into a tag ("label-rouge") and matched against the taxonomy to associate the real taxonomy ID to the value ("en:label-rouge").

Lang prefixes ("en:", "fr:") should not be added, otherwise the taxonomy match will fail.

Example of valid values:

  • gluten-free
  • volaille française
  • auchan
  • reflets de france

Example of invalid values:

  • en:gluten-free
  • fr:volaille française
  • ab bio (not in taxonomy, the right value is ab agriculture biologique)

If more than one logo is visible on the crop, do not annotate it. A flag system should be available in the future to report them.

If the logo is truncated, annotate it anyway if it can still be recognized.

You can click on the blue link on the top-right corner of each logo card. It will open a new tab with this specific logo as reference. It's really useful to find similar logos to annotate.

Query parameters:

  • logo_id: the ID of the logo. If not provided, will be random.
  • count: the number of results to display (default: 25). Useful to annotate many logos at once.

For instance, to display 50 results, use: https://hunger.openfoodfacts.org/logos?count=50

Common labels

Remembering the right label name may be hard sometimes, so here is a list of common label names you will probably see: