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(draft, to be completed)





Coordinators recruit and manage the local community and local

  • you? :-)


You can add your name to the list with a brief summary of what interests you the most and in what areas you would like to contribute. Thank you!

  • User:Hangy -
  • User:Stephane - backend, site web, apps mobiles avec Phonegap - Perl, JS, MongoDB
  • User:Gerrit - speaking and writing both german and english. You can contact me anytime. My focus:
    • I am here to expose and link identical products. They may differ from their name, point-of-sale, packaging, size and even price but are all the same.
    • Also I want to publish lists (e.g. where to get organic in-season apple juice from a local producer and dealer in a glass bottle with a fair salary and price for all involved parties) so anyone can develop their own ethical ranking and do better.
  • you? :)



Create a Germany contributors community

Attain a critical mass of German products

  • 5000 products?


  • Complete German translation, ensure that no French remains (on the web site, mobile apps etc.)
  • Translate categories
  • Translate marketing materials
  • Check the support for German-specific fields on labels
    • e.g. packaging codes, nutrition trafic lights etc.