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The Open Food Facts software is developed collaboratively by hackers from all around the world.

All developement happens on GitHub:

We have a lot of development work to do:

Project we're working on

(see also

  • Server backend (Perl and MongoDB);
  • Web site (HTML5, JS, Foundation, within the backend code as templates);
  • iOS native (Swift);
  • Android native (Kotlin);
  • Robotoff, our machine learning service (Python);
  • Hunger Games, our annotation web app (VueJS);
  • Our various SDKs (Python, Ruby, Dart, PHP…);
  • ... your idea ...

Topics you can work on

Software development page on the website:


There is many issues, categorized by topics, see:


Our goal is to follow and keep few and simple guidelines.

  1. Discuss the topics or issues or functionalities you want to work on. The slack workspace is the best choice for it.
  2. If not already done, open an issue on Github to explain the problem you want to solve or the functionality you want to work on.
  3. If you want to work on an existing issue, tell everyone in the issue's Github comments.
  4. Fork the project and create one branch per issue or functionality you want to work on.
    • It's cool to name a branch: issue/[issue_number]-[name]; ex.: issue/1630-name-of-the-issue
    • When you're ready to propose something, send a Pull Request. Be patient, sometimes it takes time to the core team to review PRs.
  5. The coding style is defined in the .editorconfig file. Many editors support EditorConfig, check yours: