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Ingredients represent one of the most important data to be collected, as it is used for many usages.


  • Nova calculation
  • Nutri-Score calculation: it is used to calculate the proportion of fruit and nuts
  • evaluation of some food preferences such as vegetarians, vegans, etc.
  • automatic identification of allergens (both substances and traces, see below)
  • etc.

Help and discussion

Discussions related to ingredients take place in the #ingredients channel on our Slack space.

Filling ingredients data

Thanks to automatic Optical Characters Recognition (OCR), this field can be filled by softwares. But OCR is not always good, and you should always verify the result.


In the database, this field is called ingredients_text_[language code].



To allow analysis and translation, Open Food Facts community has build a taxonomy. You can contribute to it.

Ingredients analyzing

Analyzing ingredients is not an easy task. A whole page is dedicated to Ingredients Extraction and Analysis.

As a result we can find metrics related to Ingredients Analysis Quality.

Ingredients issues

See issues related to ingredients.