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Ingredients represent one of the most important data to be collected, as it is used for many usages.


  • Nova calculation
  • Nutri-Score calculation: it is used to calculate the proportion of fruit and nuts
  • evaluation of some food preferences such as vegetarians, vegans, etc.
  • automatic identification of allergens (both substances and traces, see below)
  • etc.

Help and discussion

Discussions related to ingredients take place in the #ingredients channel on our Slack space.

Filling ingredients data

This is done through an application. Steps as are follow:

  • text acquisition
    • either a user type ingredients
    • or
      • he upload an image, or select an existing one
      • we send it to an OCR (image to text)
      • we fill the text but ask user to verify and eventually correct it
  • text parsing
    • when submitted, text description is parsed by the product opener code
    • this code heavily relies on the ingredients taxonomy to identify as much ingredients as possible
    • but also on specific local habits in the way to write ingredients (and you may contribute code for your country, or report specific problems)
    • it also tries to distinguish between ingredients, origins, processing, quantities, and sub-ingredients (ingredients composing other ingredients)


In the database, this field is called ingredients_text_[language code] which contains the raw data by language.

ingredients contains all inferred information thanks to parsing, ingredients_tags contains ingredients taxonomy entries (and their parents) corresponding to identified ingredients.

Other fields are derived from this analysis like allergens_from_ingredients or ingredients_analysis



To allow analysis and translation, Open Food Facts community has build an ingredients taxonomy. You can contribute to it.

Ingredients analyzing

Analyzing ingredients is not an easy task. A whole page is dedicated to Ingredients Extraction and Analysis.

On every products, you can also see how the software identifies ingredients in the text to verify its understanding.

As a result we can find metrics related to Ingredients Analysis Quality.

Ingredients issues

See issues related to ingredients.