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Aim 🎯

To spread the word about this citizen project to the four corners of the earth !

Needs / Missions

  • Copywriting for the Blog / Website
  • Creating social media posts
  • Making video content (interviews, montages)
  • Compiling user testimonials
  • Press releases, relations
  • ...

How to get started ?

Get in touch with the team referent (see below) & let's talk about what we can make together.

You can also get familiar with the existing tools available below.

Tools 🛠

Writer's Guidelines 🖋 These guidelines are here to give you some directions to create content for a common project. Because you’ll be writing for Open Food Facts & its international community, it’s safer if we’re on the “same page” (pun intended 😉).
Collaborative Content doc A list of ideas you can pick from to write about, or that are being drafted already.

However, please write them in this doc, with a link to your draft here in the spreadsheet. This allows to keep an archive & comment more easily.

Content Idea Box 🎁 The following chart displays article/content ideas, their availability, progress, publication date, translations etc.

It's designed to be in sync with what other contributors are working on and for the core team to be able to follow the progress.

And it's not because it's a box, that you can't think outside it ! 🙃

Brand Guidelines 🎨 Visuals ! Before using the logos & other graphic elements, please read the Brand Guidelines.

This document is a guide to the main graphic elements that constitute the identity of Open Food Facts and its other brands.

It helps you understand how to use the brand in a multitude of contexts.

Event wiki page A summary of the tools mentioned above

Our social media channels 📣







Team referent

Gala :

Connect with other members

On the Forum category Communication.

On the Slack : following channels - #communication-en, #communication-fr

Perks of being a volunteer at Open Food Facts

⭐Collective action / Impact / actively contributing to citizen science !

⭐Highlighting global impact / individual impact (through testimonials, invites)

⭐Developing skills, learning new ones

⭐Events (annual Open Food Facts days, meet-ups…)


⭐LinkedIn volunteer badge / recommendations

Other teams

How can I join a specific team ? Fill out the Contributor Skill Pool.

Main page of HOW TO HELP.

Survey of target audiences of Open Food Facts - 2015