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  • news about the organization
  • calls for contributions
  • site and app features
  • external projects that use OFF data

publication rate: 1 post / month (irregular) last post: november 2019


  • news about the organization
  • external projects that use OFF data
  • Cheers to contributors
  • new features
  • RT of mentions
  • App reviews
  • Other open data project
  • Fun facts about products

publication rate: 3 tweets / week (irregular)

Facebook page

  • presse coverage
  • news about the organization

publication rate: 1 post / month (irregular) Last post: december 2019

Facebook group

  • news about the organization
  • articles about the food industry
  • pictures of bar codes
  • Ask for contributions
  • Reviews

publication rate: 1 post / month (irregular)


  • Pictures of barcodes

Tone of voice

  • Friendly
  • Neutral (no bias)
  • Communal
  • Geeky


  • Most of the posts talk about the concept and not about the content (open data VS food), maybe if we talk more about food we could reach a larger audience
  • There is no rules about the roles of media, we need to define what we want to talk about in each medium
  • We seek out very different kinds of targets (contributors, users, dieteticiens…) we need to define all of them and decide what and where we want to address them
  • The user experience is rarely evoked: people need to know what are the benefits of using our site/app
  • The comprehensive approach can be confusing, social media privileges “snack content”: short, shareable and effective. A split of information could make it more “digestible”
  • There is a lack of editorials “chronicles” that could rythm OFF media
  • The site and app’s features need to be explained more (“knowledge panel”, infographics…) in order to be understood and used by a larger audience

Next steps

We need to answer these question:

  • what do we really want to talk about? (open data ? food? both?)
  • who are we talking to? (open data experts? food experts? Average people?)
  • what ROI do we want on each medium? (visibility? awareness? news users? likes? shares?)
  • what are the key words that represent Open Food Facts?
  • What/who are our references? (examples of brands, people, organizations, media…)

Creation of editorial guidelines

  • roles and target of each medium
  • editorial categories and templates
  • tone of voice
  • dos and don’ts

Creation of editorial planning

  • next subjects we want to write about on each medium
  • rhythm of posting