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I'm also going to use this page for some tests with .

Simple test

Products with funny barcodes:


Test with "product" macro

Products with funny barcodes:

(see product 7622210501240 m)
(see product 4003171036249 m)
(see product 0678963100206 m)
(see product 6408430010998 m)
(see product 4388844148840 m)
(see product 4056489230403 m)
(see product 8857124162105 m)
(see product 5000181028133 m)
(see product 4903333066254 m)
(see product 5060250610058 m)
(see product 6001108028044 m)
(see product 4388844237773 m)
(see product 5292705000064 m)
(see product 6291002400019 m)
(see product 3250390808411 m)

Rich test chaining two requests

Products with funny barcodes:

Code Name
3250390808411 Tarama au saumon fumé
5000181028133 LactoFree Semi Skimmed Milk Drink 1 Litre
7622210501240 Oreo - Alpen Gold Oreo - 95 G
4903333066254 Koala Chocolat
4003171036249 Geflügel Mortadella
4056489230403 Seitan bio
5292705000064 Huile d'olive
8857124162105 Guarana antarctica
6291002400019 Ja! Frische Fettarme Milch 1,5% Fett 1L
0678963100206 Kabuto Noodles Chicken Ramen
4388844237773 Premium Cider Dry
5060250610058 Frische fettarme Milch

Data quality test

155 of 15872 (0.98%) vegetable oils with Nutri-Score B (100 products max displayed):

Name Code

Imported Extra Virgin Olive Oil (see product 0708820519015 m)
Aceite de oliva Virgen Extra (see product 8437014925135 m)
Butter Flavor Cooking Spray (see product 0038024301315 m)
Olivenöl Huile d'olives (see product 4260025810046 m)
Mild and light rapeseed oil cooking spray (see product 5000442008003 m)
Huile d’olive pour cuisson jusqu’à 195°C (see product 8002470031616 m)
Mayor (see product 6171100000017 m)
Olive Oil (see product 0073210001280 m)
Huile d'olive (see product 0834118003000 m)
Spray butter (see product 0029000651517 m)
Huile de Sésame (see product 8904064629103 m)
Light Flavor Grapeseed Oil Spray (see product 0658686600412 m)
Detox citron (see product 04559757 m)
Italian herb spray (see product 0815074021871 m)
Extra virgin coconut oil non-stick cooking spray (see product 0857320002104 m)
Coconut oil (see product 0070552900301 m)
Trader joe's, coconut oil spray (see product 00505000 m)
Bakers baking spray (see product 0605021774000 m)
olive oil cooking spray (see product 0077890440834 m)
huile de coco (see product 0013964967449 m)
Huile de noix de coco pure (see product 1973000015 m)
Avocado oil (see product 0041220414789 m)
non stick cooking spray (see product 0036800459922 m)
Avocoado oil (see product 0021130295715 m)
Original vegetable oil spray (see product 0040600341226 m)
Infused avocado oil spray garlic (see product 0815074021857 m)
Huile de palme (see product 6181100223026 m)
GATORADE ENERGY BAR PEANUT BUTTER 2.1 oz (see product 0030000000052 m)
Huile de coton cottonseed Oil (see product 0710069130005 m)
Cooking Spray, Original (see product 0040600215893 m)
Coconut oil (see product 0708547015029 m)
Coconut cooking oil (see product 8858929701018 m)
Coconut oil (see product 0071164323786 m)
Huile de sésame (see product 3536160000651 m)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (see product 0073210000139 m)
Organic hemp seed oil (see product 0697658201028 m)
Organic extra virgin olive oil (see product 0708271202702 m)
Aceite de coco (see product 7798260050233 m)
Baking spray (see product 0688267061110 m)
California Premium Extra Virgin Oil (see product 0634039000764 m)
Canola oil non stick cooking spray (see product 0078742229430 m)
Olive oil non-stick cooking spray, olive oil (see product 0078742225081 m)
Coconut Oil Kokusnuss öl No Sticking 141 Gramm (see product 0064144031351 m)
Flavored no stick cooking spray (see product 0078742229423 m)
Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil (see product 0742392940464 m)
Artisan oils delicate avocado (see product 0857190000088 m)
Coconut oil non-stick cooking spray (see product 0074175411879 m)
Butter flavored cooking spray (see product 0074175411862 m)
Olive oil flavor cooking spray (see product 0074175411978 m)
Vegetable oil non-stick cooking spray (see product 0036800445635 m)
Coconut oil nonstick cooking spray (see product 0085239077566 m)
Butter flavored no stick cooking spray, butter (see product 0075450048308 m)
Nonstick olive oil cooking spray, olive oil (see product 0085239077573 m)
Nonstick baking cooking spray (see product 0085239159033 m)
Nonstick canola cooking spray, canola (see product 0085239077580 m)
Canola oil cooking spray (see product 78651111 m)
Garlic flavored extra virgin olive oil spray, garlic (see product 20705664 m)
Original flavor canola oil cooking spray, original (see product 0074175411923 m)
Butter flavor canola oil cooking spray, butter (see product 0074175411909 m)
Vegetable oil cooking spray (see product 0193476001265 m)
Grilling non-stick cooking spray, grilling (see product 0036800447059 m)
Canola cooking spray (see product 0085239026274 m)
Organic tahini (see product 0079893390246 m)
Premium butter flavor cooking spray, butter (see product 0015400833547 m)
Premium canola oil cooking spray (see product 0015400843058 m)
Cooking spray (see product 0888670007709 m)
Premium vegetable oil cooking spray (see product 0015400840699 m)
Vegetable oil non-stick cooking spray (see product 0036800445192 m)
Coconut oil non-stick cooking spray (see product 0688267195891 m)
Non-stick cooking spray olive oil (see product 0688267008238 m)
Vegetable oil no-stick cooking spray (see product 0041303072745 m)
Non-stick cooking spray (see product 0688267048579 m)
Canola oil non-stick cooking spray (see product 0688267061332 m)
Non-stick cooking spray (see product 0688267061325 m)
Coconut oil (see product 0075450163278 m)
100% extra virgin olive oil (see product 0072700053976 m)
Grilling no stick cooking spray (see product 0075450123395 m)
Baking no stick cooking spray (see product 0075450123388 m)
Buttery cooking spray, buttery (see product 0041303019245 m)
Vegetable oil no-stick cooking spray (see product 0041303019221 m)
Cooking spray ghee (see product 0742392931172 m)
Canola oil (see product 0041512145551 m)
All purpose baking & grilling spray (see product 0041512145537 m)
Cooking spray (see product 0041512082948 m)
Canola oil cooking spray (see product 07203631050 m)
Cooking spray, butter (see product 07203631051 m)
Vegetable oil cooking spray (see product 07203600033 m)
Olive oil cooking spray (see product 07203631052 m)
Coconut oil cooking spray (see product 0041512134012 m)
Non stick oil spray (see product 0049022948570 m)
Coconut oil spray (see product 0853807005972 m)
Chosen blend safflower, coconut & avocado oils spray, chosen blend (see product 0853807005965 m)
Canola oil no-stick cooking spray (see product 0041303019238 m)
Grilling spray (see product 0038259105498 m)
Canola oil cooking spray (see product 60788070179 m)
Vegetable oil cooking spray non stick (see product 0041512077241 m)
Olive oil cooking spray (see product 02114019554 m)
Cooking spray, butter (see product 02114019558 m)
Vegetable oil cooking spray (see product 60788070180 m)
Coconut oil cooking spray (see product 0038259105504 m)