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I'm also going to use this page for some tests with .

Simple test

Products with funny barcodes:


Test with "product" macro

Products with funny barcodes:

(see product 7622210501240 m)
(see product 4003171036249 m)
(see product 0678963100206 m)
(see product 6408430010998 m)
(see product 4388844148840 m)
(see product 4056489230403 m)
(see product 23097438 m)
(see product 23006096 m)
(see product 5760466878333 m)
(see product 4012824401983 m)
(see product 3250391201327 m)
(see product 8857124162105 m)
(see product 5000181028133 m)
(see product 4903333066254 m)
(see product 5060250610058 m)
(see product 6001108028044 m)
(see product 4388844237773 m)
(see product 5292705000064 m)
(see product 6291002400019 m)
(see product 3250390808411 m)
(see product 8480000105684 m)

Rich test chaining two requests

Products with funny barcodes:

Code Name
5000181028133 LactoFree Semi Skimmed Milk Drink 1 Litre
3250390808411 Tarama au saumon fumé
4003171036249 Geflügel Mortadella
3250391201327 Escalope cordon bleu
4056489230403 Seitan bio
4903333066254 Koala Chocolat
4012824401983 Thé vert au Jasmin
7622210501240 Oreo - Alpen Gold Oreo - 95 G
5060250610058 Kabuto Noodles Chicken Ramen
5292705000064 Fanta
8480000105684 Leche calcio entera
23006096 Halfvolle koffiemelk
5760466878333 Aardbeienroomijs
6291002400019 Premium Cider Dry
23097438 Ja! Frische Fettarme Milch 1,5% Fett 1L
6001108028044 Frische fettarme Milch
4388844237773 กล้วยหอมช็อกชิพแบบแท่ง - 25 g
4388844148840 Guarana antarctica

Data quality test

224 of 17330 (1.29%) vegetable oils with Nutri-Score B (100 products max displayed):

Name Code

Pure Grapeseed Oil (see product 0052851060047 m)
Vegetable Oil (see product 0070253289507 m)
Garlic extra virgin olive oil (see product 0048176791001 m)
Huile d'olive extra-vierge bio (see product 5200103670031 m)
Greek Extra virgin olive oil (see product 5029223000098 m)
Infused avocado spray (see product 0815074021918 m)
100% Avocado Oil Cooking Spray (see product 0070404004539 m)
Nonstick canola oil cooking spray (see product 0085239026274 m)
Huile de noix de coco (see product 0628235330343 m)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (see product 0020038000926 m)
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (see product 0885616003856 m)
Huile De Sésame 190ml (see product 0020717812055 m)
Huile de sesame pure (see product 9313551370418 m)
Cooking spray (see product 0096619862979 m)
California Premium Extra Virgin Oil (see product 0634039000764 m)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (see product 0603872057617 m)
Huile d'olive Vierge Extra Origine U.E (see product 3596710378883 m)
Huile d'olive (see product 6111024002407 m)
non stick cooking spray (see product 0036800459922 m)
Avocoado oil (see product 0021130295715 m)
Toasted sesame oil (see product 0813527006628 m)
Sesame oil (see product 0810042990241 m)
Sesame oil (see product 8210040351006 m)
Azafran organic cold pressed sesame oil (see product 02763909 m)
Toasted Sesame Oil (see product 0731050004556 m)
Kirkland Canola Oil Cooking Spray (see product 0096619659050 m)
extra virgin olive oil spray (see product 0078742348681 m)
Extra Virgin Spray Olive Oil (see product 0078742060439 m)
Canola oil non stick cooking spray (see product 0078742229430 m)
Aceita de oliva con aroma de ajo (see product 20705664 m)
Vegetable oil (see product 0077890455456 m)
L’integrale Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil (see product 8007270700410 m)
Vegetable Oil Cooking Spray (see product 0193476001265 m)
Aceite de oliva (see product 1024001026349 m)
Avocado oil (see product 0081652605065 m)
Ghee blend non stick cooking spray (see product 0021130076024 m)
Aceite de oliva (see product 7790070226440 m)
Canola Oil Cooking Spray (see product 0849607090515 m)
Grandaroma tuscan herbs flavored extra virgin olive oil (see product 0048176470203 m)
Ahold cooking spray vegetable oil (see product 0688267061318 m)
Vegetable Oil Cooking Spray (see product 0078742229416 m)
Huile de tournesol (see product 5060463190002 m)
Extra Virgin olive oil (see product 8002470031623 m)
Toasted sesame oil (see product 003713154017991118 m)
Original vegetable oil spray (see product 0040600341226 m)
Sunflower oil (see product 0022506117105 m)
Olive Oil (see product 5000119511027 m)
Blue corn organic tortilla chips (see product 0688267071638 m)
Aceite de oliva virgen extra (see product 8437003163043 m)
Original Canola Oil Cookinv Spray (see product 0038024301216 m)
Olive oil (see product 9310645257037 m)
Vegalene premium - 3 oil blend (see product 0080378220217 m)
Bakers baking spray (see product 0605021774000 m)
Toasted Sesame Oil (see product 0021130008506 m)
Warm gingerbread avocado oil spray (see product 0815074021925 m)
Pure Avocado oil (see product 0077890487068 m)
Pure Grapeseed Oil (see product 0052851060023 m)
Vegetable oil (see product 0070784443607 m)
Olio extravergine di oliva (see product 8005248000012 m)
Australian extra virgin olive oil (see product 0852696000198 m)
Gmo hemp oil (see product 0844197011964 m)
Sunflower seed oil (see product 8697419812038 m)
Coconut oil cooking spray (see product 0481037814509 m)
100% Natural Canola Cooking Spray (see product 0048155905764 m)
Coconut oil cooking spray (see product 0041512169205 m)
100% pure avocado oil spray (see product 0061483059367 m)
White truffle Oil (see product 0656285171081 m)
Organic extra virgin olive oil (see product 0842379146343 m)
Avocado oil spray (see product 0671635701879 m)
Organic artisan oils extra virgin olive spray (see product 0854259005183 m)
Olive Oil (see product 0022506265813 m)
Aceite de oliva cirgen extra (see product 8437001612314 m)
Extra Virgin olive oil (see product 0865785000405 m)
Naturalia Avocado Oil (see product 0059749979702 m)
Huile pour friture Bellasan (see product 4099200414430 m)
Garlic flavored organic extra virgin olive oil (see product 0658686600689 m)
Artisan oils high-heat cooking grapeseed spray (see product 0854259005367 m)
Chill oil cooking spray (see product 5000442008089 m)
Canola oil spray (see product 0041220129706 m)
Garlic Oil (see product 0722487330103 m)
Mild and light rapeseed oil cooking spray (see product 5000442008003 m)
Organic extra virgin olive oil (see product 0830811004672 m)
Haricots verts (see product 00954464 m)
Canola oil & extra virgin olive oil (see product 0838670593214 m)
Organic Tahini (see product 0079893390246 m)
Bio Schwarzkümmelöl (see product 4260468434717 m)
Organic extra-virgin olive oil nonstick cooking spray (see product 0070404004324 m)
Coconut Oil (see product 0041220129676 m)
Huile pépins de raisin (see product 3077318891696 m)
Olive Oil extra virgin Gourmet selection (see product 0070404004744 m)
Urbani White Truffle Oil (see product 8000146500046 m)
Premium extra virgin olive oil (see product 0052851060276 m)
Olive Oil Non-Stick Cooking Spray (see product 0078742225081 m)
Winco foods, non-stick vegetable oil (see product 0070552900141 m)
Cooking Spray (see product 0077890440803 m)
Pure Grapeseed Oil (see product 0052851060061 m)
Spray butter (see product 0029000651517 m)
I can’t believe it’s not butter (see product 0040600152174 m)
Butter Flavor Cooking Spray (see product 0038024301315 m)
Olive Oil (see product 0073210001280 m)