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General tasks

  • Ensuring that any new project is localized from the start
  • Adding a Crowdin config file to the repository
  • Correcting any typo in the source code

Crowdin tasks

Changing the synchronisation repository on a regular basis

Changing the synchronisation repository on a regular basis.png

Creating screenshots of new software to provide context to translators

Tagging strings in a screenshot to provide context for translators.png

Answering the questions of translators

  • Answering their messages
  • Fixing issues raised in the source code (while keeping in mind any change will reset translations done in all languages, thus degrading experience)

GitHub tasks

  • Checking the PR do not introduce bugs before merging them (eg: missing placeholders, very long translations…)
  • Checking that old translations do not come back (that happens often, for unknown reasons)