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Common abbreviations used

  • Austria
    • GmbH = Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung
  • Belgium
    • S.A. = Société Anonyme
    • S.A.S = Société par Actions Simplifiée
    • N.V. = Naamloze vennootschap
    • Comm.V.A., V.A. = Commanditaire vennootschap op aandelen
  • Denmark
    • A/S = Aktieselskab
  • France
    • S.A. = Société Anonyme
    • S.A.S = Société par Actions Simplifiée
    • SNC = Société en nom collectif
  • Germany
    • GmbH = Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung
    • KG = Kommanditgesellschaft
    • KGaA = Kommanditgesellschaft auf Aktien
    • GmbH & Co. KG =
    • GmbH & Co. KGaA =
  • Italy
    • S.p.A., SpA = Società per azioni
    • S.r.l., Srl, S.R.L = Società a responsabilità limitata
    • S.a.s, S.A.S. = Società in accomandita semplice
  • Netherlands
    • B.V. = Besloten Vennootschap
    • N.V. = Naamloze Vennootschap
  • Spain
    • S.A. = Sociedad Anónima
    • S.A.U. = Sociedad Anónima Unipersonal
    • S.A.L. = Sociedad Anónima Laboral
    • S.L. = Sociedad Limitada
    • S.R.L. = Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada
    • S.L.U. = Sociedad Limitada Unipersonal
    • S.L.L. = Sociedad Limitada Laboral
    • S.Coop. = Sociedad Cooperativa
    • S.Coop.L. = Sociedad Cooperativa Limitada
    • S.Coop. Agraria L. = Sociedad Cooperativa Agraria Limitada
    • Coop.V. = Cooperativa Valenciana
    • S.C.A. = Sociedad Cooperativa Andaluza
    • S.C.G. = Sociedad Cooperativa Galega
    • S.C.C.L. = Sociedad Cooperativa Catalana Limitada
    • S.Coop.L. de CLM = Sociedad Cooperativa Limitada de Castilla-La Mancha
    • S.A.T. = Sociedad Agraria de Transformación
    • C.B. = Comunidad de Bienes
  • Sweden
    • AB = Aktiebolag
  • Switzerland
    • S.A. = Société Anonyme
    • Sàrl = Société à responsabilité limitée
    • AG = Aktiengesellschaft
    • GmbH = Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung
  • United Kingdom
    • Ltd. = Limited
    • PLC, plc = Public limited company
  • United States
    • LLC = Limited liability company
    • Inc. = Incorporated
    • Co. = Company


Several parent companies

Some companies have more than one parent company (in fact, they can have many). So far, we have the following cases:

N.V. Brouwerijen Alken-Maes Brasseries S.A.
< Heineken N.V.
< Carlsberg A/S
> Judas
> Mort Subite

Campofrío Food Group S.A.
< Sigma Alimentos S.A. de C.V.
< WH Food Europe S.L.
> Campofrío
> Navidul
> Pavofrío
> Revilla

Yoplait Marques Internationales
< General Mills Inc.
< Sodiaal International
> Yoplait

The problem is that I don't know if the taxonomies system support this kind of sintaxis with 2 (or more) parents (with "<").

Brands registered under different owners

Some brands are registered under different owners in different countries or even in the same country:

Compagnie Gervais Danone S.A.
< Groupe Danone S.A.
> ...
> Danone
> Savia
> ...

Danone S.A.
< Groupe Danone S.A.
> Danone
> Savia

Aldi Einkauf GmbH & Co. oHG
> ...
> Moser-Roth
> ...

Aldi GmbH & Co. KG 
> ...
> Moser-Roth
> ...

Danone S.A. is the spanish subsidiary of the Groupe Danone S.A.

Aldi Einkauf GmbH & Co. oHG and Aldi GmbH & Co. KG are legally different companies even if they have some links.

Brand colission

Brands with the same name but belonging to different companies. For example:

Non registered brands

Some brands are not registered legally under any trade mark office. They have been assigned in this document (i.e the brands and companies taxonomies) to a company that is believed to own the mark (usually the company that manufacture the product or the company that have the same name as the brand). So far, these are:

Agristo, Agrorigen Bio, Airos, Aitana, Alcarria, Añavieja, Arrasate, Bauck Hof, Benimar, BioMonti, Biosol, Bio Cesta, Bosch, Botanicum, Cano, Carobella, Champiñones Emar, Conservas García, Corchito, Cortyfresh, Dafran & Darzoves, Delicias, Delicias de Estepa, Eco-Salim, El Ciruelo, El Pilar, El Valle de Madriles, ES-MA, Frutas Calatayud, Fuente El Pino, Genuss Krone, Hortalizas Las Adoberas, Hortalizas Soler, Ibero Verduras, Lázaro, La Cañada, La Cuerva, La Cueva, La Especiera del Norte, Lisan, Lomar, Margabio, Marinas, Mastrigo Bio, Muiños Fungicultura, My Frut, NaturTierra, Oliva, Ouno (01), Reyes Gutiérrez, Sol Málaga, Talví, Unión Yantai Yitian Food

Brands owned by a person

Some brands are legally owned by a person instead of a company, specially if they are small ones (at least, this seems to be a common practice in Spain). In this case, the name of the company has been added at the end of the person's full name between parenthesis. For example: Agustín Gregori Perepérez is converted to Agustín Gregori Perepérez (Grefusa S.L.)

Linking with Wikidata/Wikipedia

Whenever possible, linking with Wikidata is cool

Adding SIRET as a property

For French brands, feel free to add SIRET as a property when relevant.

Unilever brands