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Proposed questions


How do I delete an "unknown language"?

  • Unselect the images.
  • Delete the texts, but only the ones related to a language, be careful: name, ingredients, but NOT the nutrients.

What do I do if I find a product which is not food?

  • Just add "Non food product" as a category. The product will be moved later by administrators.


Why this product doesn't have a Nutri-Score?

  • Some products can't have a Nutri-Score:
    • babies food
    • ...
  • Some products can't have a Nutri-Score if their normal dilution is not precised
  • Some products are not complete enough to have a Nutri-Score computed:
    • lack of category
    • lack of nutriments

Why is there sometimes differences between Nutri-Score computed by Open Food Facts and Nutri-Score shown on the packaging?

A: There is three main reasons for that:

  • Sometimes our data are false; you can fix it in less than a minute by filling yourself the correct data
  • Sometimes we lack of data (such as % of fruit, vegetables and nuts or fibers); sometimes the producer has these informations but doesn't put it in its product...
  • Sometimes the producer made a wrong computation.


You can find on this wiki some informations about quantities, but the specific article is a bit hard to read.

What if there are two quantities on the product?

Example: "poids net 300 g, poids net égoutté 175 g":

A: write the both, as you read it on the product.

What to do if there is an "e" (or ℮) specified after the Quantity?


A: The "e-sign" (for "estimated") means that the quantity or volume is an average value (source: Estimated sign, Wikipedia). You can add an "e" if you see it or, better, use the ℮ sign. It's not a big deal if you cannot or forget it. If you feel very happy to use an ℮ you can have a look to all the products containing "e" instead of ℮:


Do I have to fill the ingredients I know even if it's not written on the product?

For example, I know pork ribs contains pork. If the percentage of pork (nearly 100%) is not written on the package, do I have to fill the "ingredients" field?

A: Yes. You can write "Pork". Example:

In the ingredients field, do I have to tell if ingredients are organic?

A: Yes. Example:

In the ingredients field, do I have to repeat "Ingredients"?

A: No you don't have to, but it's not a big problem.

Non-food products

I have seen a non-food product on openfoodfacts: is it normal?

A: Some contributors are publishing non-food products on While this is not a normal way to do, these products don't have any impact on food products' data, so it's not a big deal. From time to time, moderators moves them to our other databases.

I have seen a non-food product on openfoodfacts: what should I do?

A: you can:

  • either leave them as is: moderators will find them and move them to other databases
  • either add one of the following category, helping moderators to move them: Non food products, Open Products Facts, Open Beauty Facts, Open Pet Food Facts.