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=== Materials ===
* Obtain Computer demo** an external display and ** a Bluetooth mouse (in order to make demonstration from a laptop that thus can remain usable between pitches)** a laptop
* Store clean packaging and unopened products
** A product that works with Moodstocks
* Buy some Tagada "Strawberries"
* An attractive display for Tagada "strawberries"
* A piggy bank with the OpenFoodFacts Open Food Facts logo (Pierre)and a QR code to the Hello Asso donate page* The OpenFoodFacts Open Food Facts Kakemono (Stéphane)* Print some posters: [http Posters]
** Posters "Are You ... ?" printed in glossy color (Stéphane)
** The poster of E120 (color) (Pierre)
** others
* The plastic logo in color of OpenFoodFacts Open Food Facts (Pierre x2)
* Bring magnets and stickers
* Print a list to recruit volunteers
** [http Fichier:FormulaireStand.doc]
* T-shirts

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