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I (VaiTon) started the project to try to build a prototype of frontend, completely decoupled from the backend.

This way, we could (one day hopefully) iterate much more quicker on the frontend side of things and use the latest javascript technology available (TypeScript, Vite, ESM, etc...).

For the prototype I chose SvelteKit.


Logging in

Security concerns

As we still don't have an OpenID compatible way of logging in, at the moment the web app stores the user credential in the localStorage, which is UNSAFE as it is exposed to XSS attacks. Another way would be serving the project from a subdomain, but we're not there yet.

How to

To log in (there is not really a log in, more like sending credentials with every request), go to and enter your credentials.

Editing products

You need to be logged in to edit products! See the Logging in section for more information.

  • Open the product page you'd like to edit
  • Click on the "edit" button