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Outreachy provides internships to work in open source and free software. The time duration of the internship is 3 months (18th May'20 - 19th August'20). The project is 'Improve the code quality of the Perl backend of Open Food Facts'. Over the last 8 years, the Open Food Facts code base has grown a lot organically, which makes contributing not very welcoming for developers, and sometimes also causes performance issues and bugs. This project is to improve the architecture, performance, code quality, tests and documentation of Open Food Facts.


The project includes several sub-projects:

  • Templating of the HTML code
  • Extension in the coverage of unit tests
  • POD Documentation
  • Re-architecturing of the modules and functions
  • Making the installation of dev environment for Open Food Facts easier


Here's a link to the intern Areesha Tariq internship blog: