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This page is listing what are the things to test when launching a new version/feature of Product Opener.

7 main tests (10 minutes)

Test nb What? Why? Where? How? Comments
1 OFF home page is running and complete The home page is one of the most visited. Navigator

Click on every links on the page

2 OFF donation page A good way to know if static pages are running well.
5 Product page Product pages are the most consulted pages.
  • Example 1 (Nutri-Score, Palm oil free, Nova, Eco-Score, Warning for the amount of fibers, warning for the amount of fruits...)
7 JSON product page JSON product pages are used by dozen of apps.
3 Login/logout Some feature are not accessible if the user is not logged in.
4 Account creation (dev & pre-prod)
6 Edition page To edit a page in production: you can choose the last products entried and complete one of them.
8 Search form