Product Attributes for Contributors

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Product Attributes make it possible for users to select what information they are interested in (e.g. Nutri-Score, NOVA, allergens etc.). We can then display this information first when we display a list of products (e.g. search results or a facet):


The current product attributes are geared towards users who are looking for food products that match their food preferences.

But Open Food Facts contributors have different needs. For instance they might be much more interested in identifying product pages that they can improve in some ways (for instance product pages where we have pictures of ingredients or nutrition facts but where the corresponding data has not been extracted / entered).

This page is to explore how we could create special product attributes for contributors that could make contributing easier.

How product attributes for contributors could be used

We could use exactly the same features of the food preferences set by users:

  • Displaying specific information according to preferences set by contributors
  • Filtering and ranking search results / facets according to those preferences

Or we could only apply the contributors preferences to the display of search results pages, without affecting the filtering and ranking.

Ideas of product attributes for contributors

Initial ideas by Sven

  • has photos uploaded but no front photo selected (i.e. whether it's worth clicking through to see if a front photo can be selected)
  • has unrecognised ingredients
  • has any of the more interesting/fixable flags from , i.e. not nutrition-value-very-high/low-for-category*, ingredients-*-ending-comma, nutrition-value-under*salt...
  • has ingredients photo selected but no ingredients entered
  • has nutrition photo selected but no nutrition data entered
  • you are the most recent editor of this record (handy when you're working through search results and lose track)

How to display product attributes for contributors

Icons may not be the best way to show the attributes for contributors. e.g. instead of an icon showing "has unrecognized ingredients" (what would this icon look like?), we could just have text "3 / 20 ingredients unknown".