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Possible efforts

  1. Collecting full on-pack recycling instructions
    1. Ensuring packaging values annotated on HG Logos are applied
    2. Processing data sent by manufacturers for recycling instructions (example) `recycling_instructions_to_recycle` `recycling_instructions_to_discard`
    3. Augmenting REGEXes
La barquette de ce produit\nest fabriquée à par ir\nde 30% minimum\nde matière recyclée.
  1. Augmenting the data
    1. Collecting packaging weight
      1. Add support on the website
      2. Add a section in the app
    2. Collecting local recycling instructions
      1. OV is creating a form

Current issues to fix

  • The field is not taxonomized
  • Robotoff is extracting deconstructed values from recycling instructions (we need to collect them in full as well)

Currently committed taxonomies

Legislative reference text

in EU

Materials code: the standard the codes are referring to: 97/129/EC It is a commission decision from 1997:

Packaging related issues across GitHub

Packaging related issues across GitHub

Measurement before and after the packaging operation

  • Measure the whole situation, by country, on the TOP10K for France

Operations to gather packaging data

  • Gamification, badges and points around packaging
  • Poster to hang in Rubbish bin rooms
  • Specific landing page
  • Newsletter, Blogpost, Marketing visuals
  • Mobile tagline
  • Mobile contest to win kitchen scales, integrated with the gamification engine
  • Purchase guide for kitchen scales
  • Campaign support in Hunger Games for the target products
  • Specific nudge directly on the scan screen for a photo

Past efforts