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For some types of fields such as categories and labels, we maintain a global taxonomy of possible values. For each value, we can specify synonyms, parent and child values, and the corresponding value in all other languages.

For more details, see http://en.wiki.openfoodfacts.org/Global_taxonomies


# stopwords
stopwords:en: some,stopwords
stopwords:fr: word,that,are,removed,when,matching

# synonyms that are not field values but that are contained in field values
synonyms:en: global,international

en: value, a synonym value, another synonym value
fr: valeur, une valeur synonyme, une autre valeur synonyme

<en: value
en: a child value, a synonym for a child value
fr: une valeur enfant, un synonyme d'une valeur enfant

<en: value
en: another child value

<en: a child value
<en: another child value
en: a grand-child value

# properties
en: value
fr: valeur
description:en: a property of value
description:fr: french version of the property
country_code:en: a property that is the same for all languages -> use English suffix en: