Mobile App/Roadmap/2021

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This is the working document for the 2021 roadmap for the Mobile Apps. It must be priorized and realistic.

iPhone and Android

  • Improve the basics: scan faster (offline scan for android) and at 90° on Android and iOS (MLKit) while ensuring a fully free build for F-Droid
  • Less effort on the road to scores
    • better addition and edit mode
  • granular and in-context edit bubbles
  • Support for data refresh
    • Asking for new images and asking to check data consistency on refresh
  • More flexibility and agility: switch to a remotely updated product page (Attributes) and some code shared between the platforms (The folksonomies, due to their potential complexity will be coded in Flutter once, and reinjected)
  • Ship Open Beauty Facts on Android, and a quick and dirty fork for iOS
    • Also Consider a minimal integration of Open Beauty Facts into the main app

Ensure complete feature parity

  • Lists + Comparison on iOS
  • Attributes on iOS and Android
  • Offline on Android
  • ML Kit on iOS and Android