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Handling Location in Product Opener

Inferring countries

  • from scans
  • from packaging OCRs
  • from fields that contain geo info
  • from barcode ranges when they can be linked to a reliable single country GLN



Fields that contain geo info

  • Countries where sold
  • Stores (sometime, contributors put the exact address)
  • City, state and country where purchased
  • Origin of Ingredients
  • Manufacturing or processing places

That means we need:

  • Oceans and seas
  • FAO zones (for oceans and seas)
  • Political zones (Europe, common market btw Russia and other states…)
  • Countries (we already have a linked taxonomy)
  • Department and intermediate zones
  • Cities
  • Street addresses (for factories…)

Ideally, we want all those to be:

  • linked to Wikidata (some of the items are linked to OSM, not all OSM items exist in Wikidata)
  • linked to Open Street Map

Current reuses


  • taxonomize fields
  • load remaining EU countries
  • improve individual packaging code pages
  • handle BIO codes better (in labels) by displaying the country of certification