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To display logos for labels, we need images in the following format:

  • Image format: PNG
  • Height: 90 pixels
  • Width: any
  • Filename: [label-id].[width]x90.png
    • e.g. assured-food-standards.82x90.png
    • e.g. soil-association-organic.89x90.png

Use Special:Upload to upload images, and then add a link to the images below.

General logos

Veganblume.112x90.svg Vegan society

Logo Label Rouge 85x90.png





Logo officiel de l'European Quality Control System for Juice and Nectars from Fruits and Vegetables. Apposé sur certains produits.

Institut certificateur Français depuis 1994 "Qualijus" :

AB.64x90.png Agriculture biologique

Bio-europeen.135x90.png European organic

Deutsches-bio-siegel.107x90.png German organic

Green.Dot.90x90.png Green Dot/Grüner Punkt

Gluten free.90x90.png Gluten free/Glutenfrei

Biogarantie.90x90.png A label from Belgium for organic agriculture. (website) Logo to inform drinkers about the amount of alcohol in a serving.

Forest Stewardship Council Logo-90px.png FSC - Forest Stewardship Council

USDA Organic

Usda-organic.90x90.png description

CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers) Certified Organic


CCOF certification

Biologique Canada / Canada Organic


info on

NAPSI Certified


Official website for NAPSI

Real California Milk


info on the California Milk Advisory Board website

Real California Cheese


info on the California Milk Advisory Board website

Bio 7 Inititative


Official website of the Alnatura Bio 7 Initiative

Bio-austria.67x90.png Bio Austria

Bio-suisse.111x90.png Bio Suisse

Eko.82x90.png EKO (Netherlands)

Serbia-organic.90x90.png Organski proizvod (Serbia)

Biokreis.92x90.png Biokreis

Bioland.90x90.png Bioland

Biopark.324x90.png Biopark

Demeter.180x90.png Demeter


Ecovin.106x90.png Ecovin

Gäa.117x90.png Gäa

Naturland.78x90.png Naturland

Alcohol and pregnancy

Zero alcool pendant la grossesse.png Logo found on alcoholic beverages (website - french)

No-car.90x90.jpg No car to indicate no drving while drinking

Beer related logos

WorldBeerCup.51x90.png A prize (gold, silver, bronze) given each year to the best beer in a certain category by the brewers organisation in the US.

WorldBeerAwards.90x90.png World Beer Awards logo

EuropeanBeerStar.88x90.png European Beer star - A logo for beers that won this competition for private breweries.

ErkendBelgischAbdijBier.xx90.png Recognized Belgian Abbey Beer

Belgische hop.90x90.png To indicate that the hops were grown in Belgium

Belgian-Family-Brewers.90x90.png To indicate that the beers are brewed by the same family for at least 50 years.

18plus.90x90.png To indicate the drink is only allowed fro those 18 years and older.


ГОСТ - GOST GOST.200x200.png

РСТ РСТ.90x90.png

EAC EAC-90x90.jpg


Generic Logo


Orthodox Union Kosher


info on the Orthodox Union Kosher website

Organized Kashrut Kosher


info on the OK Kosher Certification website

KOF-K Kosher Supervision


Official Website


generic Halal


should be refined into each certifying entity logo (but there are so many that a generic default halal logo could be useful)

Spanish protected product logos

Denominación de Origen Calificada logos

DOCa Rioja

Denominación de Origen logos

DO Manzanilla-Sanlúcar de Barrameda DO Navarra DO Montilla-Moriles DO Toro
Do-manzanilla-sanlucar-de-barrameda.54x90.png Do-navarra.77x90.png Do-montilla-moriles.145x90.png Do-toro.108x90.png

Protected Designation of Origin logos

PDO Arroz de Calasparra PDO Arroz de Valencia PDO Azafrán de La Mancha PDO Chufa de Valencia PDO Estepa
Pdo-arroz-de-calasparra.74x90.png Pdo-arroz-de-valencia.90x90.png Pdo-azafran-de-la-mancha.78x90.png Pdo-chufa-de-valencia.52x90.png Pdo-estepa.76x90.png
PDO Montes de Granada PDO Montes de Toledo PDO Pasas de Málaga PDO Pera de Lleida PDO Peras de Rincón de Soto
Pdo-montes-de-granada.91x90.png Pdo-montes-de-toledo.64x90.png Pdo-pasas-de-malaga.72x90.png Pdo-pera-de-lleida.34x90.png Pdo-peras-de-rincon-de-soto.88x90.png
PDO Pimentón de la Vera PDO Pimentón de Murcia PDO Sierra de Segura PDO Vinagre de Jerez
Pdo-pimenton-de-la-vera.52x90.png Pdo-pimenton-de-murcia.78x90.png Pdo-sierra-de-segura.133x90.png Pdo-vinagre-de-jerez.54x90.png

Protected Geographical Indication logos

PGI Alubia de La Bañeza-León PGI Berenjena de Almagro PGI Espárrago de Navarra PGI Garbanzo de Fuentesaúco PGI Lenteja de La Armuña
Pgi-alubia-de-la-baneza-leon.120x90.png Pgi-berenjena-de-almagro.40x90.png Pgi-esparrago-de-navarra.85x90.png Pgi-garbanzo-de-fuentesauco.160x90.png Pgi-lenteja-de-la-armuna.95x90.png
PGI Lenteja Pardina de Tierra de Campos PGI Mazapán de Toledo PGI Pemento do Couto PGI Plátano de Canarias PGI Turrón de Alicante
Pgi-lenteja-pardina-de-tierra-de-campos.120x90.png Pgi-mazapan-de-toledo.96x90.png Pgi-pemento-do-couto.142x90.png Pgi-platano-de-canarias.128x90.png Pgi-turron-de-alicante.74x90.png
PGI Turrón de Jijona

United Kingdom


RSPCA website


Typisch Harz.41x91.png Typisch Harz Siegel fuer Kreis.png Typisch Harz





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