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The nutriscore_experiment indicate if this product has been part of the Nutri-Score experiment in 2016.

In 2015, Open Food Facts was used to experiment early versions of the Nutri-Score. To help the experimentation, some products have been labelled "Nutriscore Experiment". These label were not printed on the product, it was only a convenient way to group these products. Now the experiment is finished, there's no need to use this label anymore. In fact, it is now counterproductive to stay as a label:

  • it is confusing with the current Nutri-Score label
  • it is proposed automatically by the "suggest as you type" feature when a user wants to add "Nutri-Score" as a label, augmenting the confusion.

All the Nutri-Score Experiment label will be at a better place in Folksonomy Engine.

Nutriscore_experiment is part of a group of two properties:

  • nutriscore_experiment: which indicate if yes, this product has been part of the experiment
  • nutriscore_experiment:grade: which indicate the Nutri-Score grade of the product (A, B, C, D or E), at the time of the experiment.