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2021 Roadmap

  • Insert here our plans to improve environmental support on Open Food Facts, for the Eco-Score, Forest footprint and beyond.


Strengthen further our ability to gather the variables necessary for Eco-Score computation

Origins of ingredients
  • Improved ingredient parser
  • See section on info disseminated on the packaging
  • Handling of IGP products (with the wider constraint engine to be coded)
  • Robotoff transition (writing to the old field)
  • Improved mobile support (Extraction)
  • Improved input (picker for shape and material)
  • Logo & Labels relaunch
  • EMLyon project
Information disseminated on the packaging
  • Le Wagon OCR/NLP project
  • ElasticSearch tool


Improve the Environmental experience and education tools

Explanations of environmental labels
  • Extend the attributes system to cater for in-depth explanations
  • AB Bio / EU Organic / Others
  • Label Rouge
Explanation of the Eco-Score methodology on mobile