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The category Apple Juices contains products obtained by extracting the fluids (the juice) from Apples { Malus domestica Borkh.). These products must contain at least 99% juice. Apple juices are either bottled after extraction, the Pure apple juices or they are first concentrated and later hydrated, the Apple juices from concentrate. Apple juice can have added minerals or vitamins: the Enriched apple juices. Apple juices which add flavours, like vanilla, ginger, etc, are found under Flavoured apple juices, or when carbon dioxide is added: Sparkling apple juices. Apple juices that are extracted from a specific apple variety can be found under Monovarietal apple juices.


The definition of this category follows the EU regulation, which implies that the apple juice products have No added sugar and No colorings.

Required ingredients

The following ingredients are required for products in this category:

Optional ingredients

Disallowed ingredients

Any product that contains these disallowed ingredients, should be listed in another category:

Production process/labels

An apple juice product might contains mentions on the production process of apple juice. These characteristics are specified as labels:

Nutritional information

min 10% 90% max
Energy (kJ/100ml) 63 176 212 300 graph
Fat (%) 0 0 0.5 1.01
Saturated fat (%) 0 0 0.1 1.01
Carbohydrates (%) 0.75 1 7 20.71
Sugars (%) 0.69 9.6 11.7 16.71
Fiber (%) 0 0 0.5 2.2
Proteins (%) 0 0 0.5 1.01
Salt (%) 0 0 0.02 0.5
Vitamin C (mg/100ml) 0 0.5 32.5 63.01 80 is the req. daily amount
Potassium 0 0.075 0.125 146.01
Fruit (%) 100 100

Related categories

When producer want to add sugar or dilute the juice more, then they may NOT be called apple juices, but must be called Apple nectars. If apple juice is concentrated, it is no longer a beverage, and can be found under Apple syrups. Apple juices which are mixed with other fruit juices are found under Multifruit juices.


The category has been cleaned up in 22 may 2023.

To monitor any modifications after this date, this Mirabelle link can be used.This used the minima and maxima of the nutritional values as a quality envelope to detect outliers.