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This is the brands of the product. The main brand, generally clearly displayed on the front pack, should be entered first. A product can have other brands:

When a product has more than one brand, the first brand in the field is taken as the main brand.

There's no taxonomy for brands for the moment, so just do your best and don't waste too much time to enter brands.

Data issues

Some brands are difficult to read:

  • is it Coop, coop, COOP, CO OP?

Some brands can be related to different companies in different countries:

Some brands are related to a common name or an ingredient, which can be confusing:

Brands containing an apostrophe are often missing this one:

Brands are changing sometimes. How to deal with that?

Some particular cases for a brand

  • A brand can contain only numbers, such as 1664, 1883 or 365.
  • A brand can contain quotes, such as The Muffin "Mam" Inc
  • A brand can contain &, such as M&M's
  • A brand can contain commas, such as Williams, West & Witt's Products;
  • A brand can have a sub-brand containing its own name: Sainsbury's use a brand called By Sainsbury's.

Some particular cases for a product

  • A product can have more than 2 brands; eg:
    • Coop, in Switzerland, can add up to three brands on a product: Betty Bossi, Karma and Coop in this product; they justify it: "We offer a wide range of own-label brands and brand worlds." (source)
    • In this product, Lipton belongs to Unilever but this product is distributed by Pepsico

Implementation in Open Food Facts

In the database, this field is called brands.

See issues related to brands.

Preventing OFF AI to detect some false brands: see brand_taxonomy_blacklist.txt.

Help to collect brands

The IA of Open Food Facts, called Robotoff, is trying to identify brands. The annotations made by Robotoff are provided to users, asking them to answer to a simple question. There are also used by Hunger Game. Everyone can use Hunger Game, but be careful to the issues mentioned in this current page.

  • on 2020-10-29, there were 43200 annotations and 22748 resting
  • on 2020-11-17, there were 46911 annotations and 22720 resting