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Title: API improvements and documentation

Short description: Simplify, harmonize, complete and extend the Open Food Facts API to edit and read products data and images, and make sure it is documented

What (outcomes):

  • Review existing API, simplify when possible (e.g. image upload), harmonize naming and conventions etc.
  • Complete existing APIs that miss some features, new fields etc.
    • e.g. keywords search in new search API v2
    • e.g. nutrition facts for the prepared product
  • Possibly extend the existing API, and/or specify a new API
    • e.g. support for writing products using a JSON body in the same format as the one used for reading
  • Document all available APIs
    • Investigate moving API documentation closer to the code (e.g. simple markdown doc in GitHub) so that it stays in synch

Impact (why):

  • Allow more uses of Open Food Facts data
  • Ease development of those reuses
  • Reduce support

Status: Proposal

Timeline: Q2 2022


How to join/contribute:

  • #api on Slack


  • Stéphane Gigandet