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BFM-TV posted a note that UFC Que Choisir will introduce its one app based on a solution by the startup Alkemics. The data will be gathered from the producers and distributors themselves. A reason for their choice: "L’UFC-Que Choisir souhaitait s’appuyer sur une solution spécialiste de la collecte et du partage d’informations produits" (sic) and "les applications disponibles aujourd’hui sont basées pour la plupart sur des données renseignées par les consommateurs eux-mêmes et modifiées ensuite par les développeurs des applications, ce qui ne garantit pas une information fiable".

It is a pity that UFC-Que Choisir does not want to cooperate with OFF. A partnership with them would have further developed OFF as well. Maybe create a private label version of the apps. More power would have forced producers to add their information to OFF under the license that OFF requires. Now UFC-Que Choisir seem to favour a commercial solution under the demands of the suppliers. I though they would want to be independent?

There does not seem to be any mention of this idea on their site. Does OFF had any contact with them? Maybe first contact them to ask what is happening.




Seems french only.




6 june 2019