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Project Smoothie is a new mobile application developed using Flutter. It is not aimed at replacing the current native Open Food Facts native apps but rather to bring a smoother user experience and a sleeker user interface through a cross platform application. Our goal is to attract a broad range of users and simplify the contribution process.


This mindmap presents the different functionalities we want Smoothie to cover. (priorities are marked with stars)

Smoothie personas mindmap


You can take a look at the project roadmap
The technical documentation has detailed problematics and the technical solutions we make to solve them.

Features specific


We came up with a new navigation system specifically for Smoothie. Smooth navigation | Documentation

Personnalized ranking & filtering

We are building a new product ranking and filtering system that helps users to find the products that fit their needs. The processing is done locally in order to ensure data privacy. Personnalized ranking & filtering | Documentation

Useful links

Dart plugin : openfoodfacts | Flutter Package
Dart plugin documentation : openfoodfacts-dart documentation
API documentation : Postman

Flutter SDK : Flutter website
Flutter plugins repository : Official repository