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The site allows users to see/edit/add food products geared for pets (cats, dogs, fish, etc.).

This project list the differences with food products for humans.


The ingredients can be separated into two parts: the main ingredients and the additives. These can imply 2 images as well.


The analysis of the nutrients is a bit different. The main analysis consists of only 5 elements:

  • Crude protein
  • Crude fibre
  • Crude fat
  • Crude ashes
  • Moisture


There also can be additives that are listed separately. This list is relevant to the ingredients (as the additives have been added) and gives an impression(?) of the nutritional values. It is not given as an analysis of all the ingredients. The additives are sometimes expressed as the originating compound, i.e. ferrous carbonate supplies the iron. A list of compounds and minerals (petfood additives translations):

Mineral Compound Ratio
Iron Ferrous Carbonate 0.399
Ferrous sulfate monohydrate 0.33
Ferric oxide 0.71
Iode Anhydrous calcium iodate 0.71
Iodure de potassium 0.79
Copper Copper sulfate pentahydrate 0.25-0.27
Zinc Zinc oxide / Oxyde de zinc 0.714
Sulfate de zinc monohydraté 0.365
Selenium Selenomethione 0.68
Sélénite de sodium 0.5
Manganese Manganous oxide 0.573
Sulfate manganeux monohydraté 0.33

This seems to be a good way to express minerals, as the effectiveness of mineral absorption seems to depend on the compound used.

This is also related to the units that are used. Additives can be expressed in International Units / kg of g / kg. Using the International Unit takes into account the effectiveness of the compound. Internationl units are used for vitamine A, vitamine D3.

The amount of a single mineral can be due to multiple compounds (example ferric oxide and ferrous sulfate monohydrate). The iron from both compounds must be added.