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Log on Open Food Facts food products that are not sold anymore and were on sale there 5 years, 10 years , 20 years ago. Our Archaeology Project aims to reach or go beyond a 100 years !

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Possible uses

  • Comparison of old products with existing products : ingredients etc. .
  • Collections
  • In a thousand years : so that our descendants know what we ate


  • Stéphane
  • Agamitsudo (interested in the project)
  • You ?

Where to find the products (or product photos)

Involve new participants

  • Collectors
  • ...

Categories for the Project

Some sample products

Development of the project

  • Run the project with a competition such as "the oldest product", "the oldest product found in a flea market", "the oldest product found in nature," "the oldest product found in a garage", "the oldest product, whose use has been hijacked ( bottle lamp, tin pot pencils, etc. . )
  • Focus on a particular category to begin with?

Make a list of changes

A product or brand may have logos that evolved (or their visual identities ) .