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2021 Roadmap

Operation Toothpaste

Roadmap being drafted

Feel free to help :-)

Apps that enable product edition + current detections on iPhone and Android

  • We currently have problematic ingredient detection (which we should keep as a minimum reward).
  • We should add product addition (in addition to the basic V1 which does not allow to extract ingredients or categorize products)
  • We should leverage the massive mobile work done for Open Food Facts, especially on Android.

Adding value

  • We can enable some attributes (possibly explaining problematic ingredients more vs V1)
  • We can enable vegan and palm oil detection
  • What can we show on the Scan card ? "2 problematic ingredients" ?

DART/Flutter SDK support for Open Beauty Facts

  • It should help open doors to an eco-system of apps to feed it with products

Robotoff and Hunger Games for Open Beauty Facts

  • It should create a loop to complete more products, get more traffic, somewhat happier users, …

2016 roadmap

Short term

  • Update Product Opener (DONE)
  • Create repo for Open Beauty Facts
  • Invite elbelho/hangy/core contributors (both for technical contribs and tweaks to the HTML)
  • Add a warning banner (like on .net with a Testing tube logo ?)
  • Find and Replace Open Food Facts occurrences
  • Set up equivalent pages on the Wiki (Press…)
  • Remove password protection

Should be short term

  • Publish a copy of the app on app stores to gather data


  • Make a copy of the images on Kimsufi for Pierre to OCR
  • Ask Generation Cobayes thru Aurel for feedback

Long Term

  • Document on wiki (braindump)
  • Integrate COSING into the taxonomies
  • Wikidata matching and leveraging
  • Import ECHA translations
  • Adapt OCR to cosmetics
  • Adapt taxonomies + recognition systems to cosmetics
  • Cosmetic labels.
  • Get the H taxonomy
  • Adapt marketing materials
  • Update photo guidelines on how to add a product (especially for nailpolish, where you have to lift the label to get info)
  • Meet Generation Cobaye

Reuse ideas

  • Calculator of the amount of product on your skin over time
  • Length of molecules, complicated and funny names for children
  • Molecules made from petroleum, plants, animals

Customize fields for cosmetics

Customize taxonomies for Cosmetics

Several draft taxonomies need your help and translations

Remove or adapt Open Food Facts-specific front-end code

Launching communications

  • Profiter d'un événement comme l'Open World Forum en novembre ? (au sein duquel il est déjà prévu qu'OFF ait un stand)
  • Lancement sur LinuxFr
  • Forums Spécialisés
  • Groupes Facebook/Google+ spécialisés
  • Influenceurs Twitter spécialisés
  • Publication du jeu de données sur data.gouv.fr

What else ?


Echa >> traduction des noms de substances >> http://echa.europa.eu/information-on-chemicals/ec-inventory?p_auth=DhRo9ebM&p_p_id=ecinventory_WAR_ecinventoryportlet&p_p_lifecycle=1&p_p_state=normal&p_p_mode=view&p_p_col_id=column-1&p_p_col_pos=1&p_p_col_count=2&_ecinventory_WAR_ecinventoryportlet_javax.portlet.action=searchEcInventory IUCLID